Spending Time With My Friend

Thursday, June 30th, 2022

I always wanted to learn how other people studied the Bible, because I wanted to learn more about it, but I didn't know what the best way was.
Deborah Manchac


Hey, this is Deborah Manchac with Relentless Woman. Welcome to God Today. I want to share with you a way that I like to study the Bible. And I know that this is a very important topic, because I remember when I was just learning, I always wanted to hear or learn how other people studied the Bible, because I wanted to learn more about it, but I didn’t know what the best way was.

There’s a lot of different ways, but this is my personal, favorite way. Very simple: through prayer. In my prayer time, if I feel the Holy Spirit tell me something or something comes to mind or a parable or a story that reminds me of something in the Bible, I love to study the Bible in that way. Just very Holy Spirit led, or anything that’s in my heart, I’ll just look it up. Sometimes I even go to the back of it and be like, hey, I feel sad. Let me look back at what God talks about with joy or healing or anything like that, because I need healing in my heart right now, and I’ll study the Bible that way. And if I really like the story at the moment, and it’s really talking to me, I’ll continue that chapter, or I’ll continue that book, or I’ll spark conversations with other people about that thing that I was talking to God about.

For me, this is a special thing and a special way to do it, because it’s almost like when you go and have coffee with someone, it’s less intimidating and you can learn openly. For me, that’s why I like doing it through prayer, because it’s almost like I’m having coffee time or me time with my Best Friend, and He’s just telling me, “Hey, learn this.” But there’s a lot of other amazing ways. There’s devotionals, there’s books, there’s groups. So, I’m going to pray that you find your favorite way. Lord, I pray for my friend. I pray that my friend finds a way to connect with the Holy Spirit and read the Word freely, and that he or she finds their favorite way that they like to study the Bible. In Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen.