Worship’s Supernatural Power

Saturday, October 29th, 2022

A moment in the presence of God will change everything.  Begin to worship, don’t let anything hold you back.
Jenny Weaver


Hi, I am Jenny Weaver from Jenny Weaver Worships and today I get to talk to you about my favorite subject.  The subject of worship. I am actually going to talk to you about the supernatural power of worship. I want to just tell you this.  Did you know a lot of people think worship is just on Sunday mornings? Three set songs and then you sit down and it is over? That is not worship.  It is a part of how we can express worship, but worship surely is an extravagant love and an extreme submission unto God. It is our heart’s response to a good Father.  We are really called to do that every day of the week.

I want to tell you about the supernatural power of worship.  In the Bible, they talk about a gentleman who was blind, blind Bartimaeus.  It went on to say he was blind, he was sitting on the side of the road. He heard of Jesus coming and what did he do?  He began to cry out in worship. “Son of David! Have mercy on me! Son of David have mercy on me!” He began to sing God’s praises and proclaim that “this is God’s son, this is the Messiah!”  And what did the people around him, what did the judgmental, religious people do? “Shh, shh, come on you are distracting!” Which I am sure is what people think of me if they have seen me in church.  I am just extravagant.

He doesn’t quiet down.  It says, “He began to praise, even more, he began to cry out even louder.”  He was going, “No devil is going to steal my praise, no one is going to stop my praise.”  Why? Because God is worthy of worship. What happened when he worshipped? The supernatural power of God hit his worship and he was healed.  Jesus took notice of him. Jesus will take notice of your pure, true, spirit-filled worship. The thing is, the Bible says, “God is actually seeking, actively seeking right now.  Looking for worshippers.” I want the Lord to find me. “Here I am, Lord. Is that you?”

He was healed.  You can be healed, you can be set free.  You can be delivered by just worshipping God, giving God what He is worth.  I could go through countless stories in the Bible like that. People began to fall on their faces and worship God.  The power of God came in and they were never the same. I am a living testimony of that. I have seen people get healed, I have seen people get up out of wheelchairs.  We begin to just worship, not even laying hands on people, just singing praises about how holy God is, how wonderful He is. God’s presence comes in. A moment in the presence of God will change everything.  Begin to worship, don’t let anything hold you back. Don’t let fear, your problems, your circumstances, discouragement hold you back from worship. Press through and watch the supernatural power of God hit you right where you are.  I am Jenny Weaver and this is God Today.