Entering The Days Of Noah

Thursday, December 29th, 2022

I don't know if we're right around the corner with the end times or if there's going to be a hundred years, but there was a hundred year time period between when God told Noah to build the Ark, and when it was actually built...
Joshua August


Hello everyone, my name is Joshua August with Joshua August Ministries on YouTube. Welcome to God Today. Today, I’m going to be sharing a prophetic revelation on the days of Noah. We’ve all heard, you know, in the Bible that in the last days it will be like the days of Noah,  and we could all agree times are definitely getting interesting, but I went home to spend some time with my folks and the Lord spoke to me a couple of things that are really incredible tied to that era. 

Did you know that there are only two times in human history where there was the first Noah’s Ark and then a second one and they’re identical. And the second one is in Kentucky with Ken Ham, I believe. And I finally got to go there and see it. Folks they brought in, even some Amish builders, you know, they make great stuff, but they made an exact replica down to the last detail with the knowledge that we have with, to the best of their ability. And I was just home with my family and the Lord spoke to me and said, “I put that as a physical sign on the earth in the USA to let you know that you are in the days of Noah.” And the Lord will often do things like this because they’re obvious and He’ll put them. He’s not a brutal or angry God, you know, He’ll still put signs. The Word says, you’ll know, the seasons and the times, but the Lord spoke to me and said that “I’m putting that ark there to let you know that you have entered in.” 

I don’t know if we’re right around the corner with the end times or if there’s going to be a hundred years, but there was a hundred year time period between when God told Noah to build the Ark, and when it was actually built, I believe. But God actually put that here for us to know that we have crossed that threshold. We are in the end times or in the days of Noah, I should say. There was only two times in history where there’s been an actual ark on the earth and it was when Noah was alive and where we are today. 

And also another thing the Lord said to me while I was home, I just had this prophetic experience, is you know, that God gave the covenant of the rainbow, which we all know and love. Uh, the place in Kentucky is very pro you know, you know, God, the rainbow belongs to the Lord as well. But I want you to know that one of the big sins of that time, I believe was, you know, homosexuality and lewdness and, and murder and all types of those things so much so where God wiped out all of mankind. You know what I mean? But that’s why the rainbow is a predominant symbol of the homosexual movement is because they’re, they’re mocking the covenant from that era of that original sin in the days of Noah. 

I know this is a lot to absorb to take in, but I heard it clear as a bell that God put that ark, He brought it back to be a symbol in Kentucky exactly like it was the two times in history for the general population to know that we have entered into that time. I don’t know how many years it’s going to be, but I know that that’s why the rainbow is also being mocked, because that was one of the original sins, homosexuality, during those days of Noah. I can feel the Lord, He’s here right now, but I just want you to know that God cares. And even when Noah was building the ark, he was mocked. You know, he probably looked like a fool, an idiot, but God gave them about a hundred years or so to repent, to turn. And God’s gracious, who knows what He would’ve done if those people would have repented, He said that many times. He even gave Jezebel in the Bible time to repent. 

But I want you to know that that ark in Kentucky is very tangible and I don’t believe God would go through that length just to wash that away, seemingly, but that is a beacon and a sign of the times I think that so many people have missed. I just want to get the word out and share that with people. And it’s also why the rainbow is being mocked. That’s why the homosexual community chose that sign. It’s the devil, the demonic realm, mocking the Lord’s promise and trying to recreate that sinful timeframe that was alive during the days of Noah. I just want to share that with you. 

So Lord, I just pray for those watching that we’re sober. The Word says to be sober and vigilant, the devil walks around like a roaring lion looking whom he may devour, but I just pray for peace and for more revelation for eyes to be open in Jesus’ Mighty Name, Amen.