Nothing Can Separate You

Monday, January 23rd, 2023

Romans 8 has changed my life, and I think it could change yours, too.
Lauren Koch


Romans 8:39, “Nothing can separate you from the love of God.”  Romans 8 has changed my life, and I think it could change yours, too. I grew up for years with so much shame. I had known the Lord, but I really didn’t believe that He could wash me clean. I felt like there was always going to be something in between His love for me and all the mistakes I had made with my life.

And a few years ago, I was lying in bed and I was just trying to connect with God, because I knew I needed Him. I knew I was on the edge of either going deeper in relationship with Him, or just falling off completely, because I just felt like I had been in a cycle of trying to feel His love, not feeling worthy, and just going through that over and over. And as I laid in bed, I closed my eyes and I listened to a worship song, and Jesus appeared to me in my mind’s eye. And when He appeared to me, He was covered in blood, and dirt and sweat. And next to Him there was a stack of perfectly white, clean linens.  My immediate reaction was, “Jesus, here, take these, you can wipe your face with them,” because He was so dirty.

And what did He do? He took my hand and He brought me up on a step, kind of like you’d see when you’re trying on nice dresses or something. And I was in complete, full view of Him. He could completely see me. He could see my heart, He could see my insecurities, and He began to dress me in the white linens. At first I fought like, “No, Lord, these these are for you. You’re covered in blood.”  And He said, “No, I’ve washed you white as snow. My blood has done this for you.”

I just want to share with you today, if you have small beliefs like you’re not clean, that there’s something preventing you from being seen, clean, and washed pure in the sight of God, it is a lie. I want to pray that an encounter like I had with Jesus comes over you. That you fully understand in both your heart and your soul, and your mind what the blood and what the cross did for you. You are washed.