Holding Onto The Word

Wednesday, March 1st, 2023

His Word is unfailing, and you can count on it time and time again.
Allisa Lategan


Do you have a scripture for your season of life? Whatever it is you may be walking through, that’s something that I love about the word of God is we can look through it and we can find a scripture that we can cling to in our season. Whether you’re waiting on God, you’re in a season of victory, you’re building something with the Lord, you’re just wanting to press in deeper to His presence and His love. There is a multitude of scriptures that you could hold onto and cling to, believing that this is who God is and this is what He’s going to do in my life.

The scripture can even be prophecy of what you’re believing God to do for you as well and even over your family, and different seasons and situations of your life. I love looking back to different seasons that I’ve had with God, and there were scriptures that were my bread and butter. They were my air in that season that I would wake up and maybe I was feeling discouraged or I was worried about a situation, and I would come back to that scripture in my time with God and be like, “Lord, this is what you said. I claim this over my season. I I believe that you’re gonna do this for me. You’ve done it before. You’re gonna do it again.”

There’s a song by Elevation Worship called “Do It Again”, and that was even a scripture for me, in a sense, of a song that was reminding me of that scripture that He who promised is faithful. And so it could even be a song that you’re holding onto that’s reminding you of the Word of God and what He says over your life. And, the Lord is so good to want to encourage us. He wants us to be full of hope.

It says that Jesus came to give us life and life abundant, and that also translates into living hope-filled and living full of joy. I used to, uh, really struggle with depression and anxiety, and I’m so grateful that God set me free from that. It was a really hard season of my life, but I got through that, through the presence of God. I got through that with encounters where His love would heal those parts of me that needed healing. His love came, His presence was that place that worship, that anytime I sang to Him, I would feel Him drawn near to me. And that was my place of just fighting through to victory, through His presence, His Word, and His goodness, and knowing that He loved me.

And I’ve been able to draw from that and remember that. And I can look back on those seasons and smile. What are the seasons that you can look back on and smile where God came through for you, where God surprised you? God does that a lot. He does suddenlies, He does things where it’s above and beyond our expectations. And so what I love is, and I want to encourage you with this morning, is to grab a scripture from the Word of God that you feel the Lord is highlighting, and you’re saying to the Lord, “God, I want to see you do this in my life,” or “God, I believe that this is what you’re doing.”

What I also love about scripture is that you can read through a passage of scripture and a week later you can read that same passage of scripture and something will be highlighted to you that you didn’t even read in there, that you don’t remember reading the time before. The Lord, the Holy Spirit will highlight to you what you need to be reading. It’s living and active. His Word is sharper than any double-edged sword, and it cuts through everything. It cuts through the lies, cuts through the worldly expressions of how to live life that they, they try to throw on us. And it helps us just be realigned with God’s will, His heart, His perspective. And that’s the way to live a joyful life. That’s a way to live in victory. Even if everything is great or even if everything is not. And holding onto His Word, it’s sure and it’s true. His Word is unfailing, and you can count on it time and time again.

So this morning, wherever you are, ask the Lord, “Lord, give me a scripture for my situation.”  Because God wants to breathe life. His Word breathes life into our situations. And His word is actually filling us with life and transforming our minds and our hearts and our spirits as we read of it, and we eat of His word, and as we let that fill our spirits.

And so I just pray that God right now would give you a scripture for your season. I believe that right now, even today, as you read the Word, He’s going to highlight to you something for your season. And I see some of you, there’s going be a scripture that you actually just, you just know you’re like, “This is what God’s saying over me.” It’s almost going to jump off the page at you. And the Lord is going to perform that in such a powerful way that it’s going to bring glory to Him, and it’s going to be a message of your life that you share, “Look what God did for me!” So I bless you with that in Jesus’ Name.