The Power Of Obedience

Sunday, April 2nd, 2023

Today is your day for breakthrough in the area of obedience in your life.
Brittany Thompson


Have you ever watched the movie, movie, Harriet? I watched it recently for the first time ever, and it’s the life story of Harriet Tubman. And, I tell you I was not expecting the Holy Spirit to show up all over in the middle of that movie, it was surprising to me. But let me tell you what the Holy Spirit showed me through that movie.

She’s going through the woods and she’s taking this path through the woods that she’s taken all these times before. And she literally gets stopped by the Holy Spirit and He tells her to go to the left and everybody’s fighting against her. They’re telling her, “No, we’re not going to the left, we need to go to the right. That’s the the way that we need to go.”  And she says, ‘No, we’re going through to the left. It seems a little scary, but we’re gonna do it.”  Little did everyone know that there was a trap laid for them along that path, because they knew where she was going to be. So, they went left and they avoided the trap and made it to freedom.

The Lord began to speak to me in that moment and He said, “How many times have I told you to go left and you’ve chosen to go right?” That was a heavy question for me that day, and I began to recount all the moments where my disobedience had led to pain in my life, had led to frustration, had led to me being off track from what God actually had for me.

So I want to encourage you today that if you are questioning, should I go left or should I go right? Listen to the Holy Spirit and obey the direction that He gives you today. He’s faithful and He’s good, and He wants to tell you, He wants to give you insight. He wants to let you know what’s coming for you and how to avoid the obstacles and pitfalls so that you can be the most powerful and effective version of yourself in the Kingdom. He wants you to succeed, because when you succeed, everyone around you succeeds.

So I want to just encourage you, today is your day for breakthrough in the area of obedience in your life.

Jesus, I thank you that you are so good to us, that you show up in the middle of our circumstances, even when we can’t see the pitfalls and the things that are ahead of us, that you give us forewarning, because you love us and we’re your children. So we decide today, together, right now, in this moment, we decide to say, “Yes” to your plans and purposes and, “No” to our own selfish desires and our own paths and plans. We thank you, God. We are going to walk in your obedience today and because of that, we will see breakthrough. Amen.