God’s Not Done With You Yet

Monday, April 3rd, 2023

He will always, always make the best of everything you give Him.
Chris Giddens


Have you ever thought you’ve missed the mark? Like you tried and tried and tried through your life and you’ve gone back to look at like, “Oh, what have I done in my life?” And you’re like, “I haven’t done anything.” When I was in college, I felt like I wasted all of my college years. And then I went into corporate America and I was like, I’m going to get to the next level and the next level. I’m going to get promoted and raises as and all kinds of stuff. And by the time I hit my mid thirties, I was like, I have totally wasted like a decade, maybe two decades of my life and like I’ve totally missed the mark. And I went back to God and like, “God, what are you doing? Like, can you explain this to me? Because I feel like I’m putting some extra pressure on myself that actually isn’t true.”  And He took me back to a time when I was four years old at daycare and my daycare was called Beehive. It was an immaculate place, I loved it with all great friends that I grew up with. And there was a time when I was asked for graduation to create the front cover of our graduation pamphlet. And I remember seeing this like years later, my mom had it in a scrapbook, and it was a picture of this little stick figure with hair and this one phrase that said, “The best is yet to come.”

And I think of that sometimes, and it brings me to tears, because I’m reminded of how powerful it is for our yes with God. Because as soon as we give Him our yes, He will not take it for granted. It is a beautiful thing and it’s a reminder that just like it says in Philippians 1:6, that he who does a good work and you will complete it. He will finish it as long as you give Him your yes, He will not give it any time wasted. He will always, always make the best of everything you give Him.

So when I had this question of like, you know, did I waste this decade or two decades of my life? God was very strongly saying, “No you did not, because I am not done with you yet.”

So my encouragement for you today is not the fact that you have to go back and reflect on where you failed in life or where you could have done things better. It’s always great to be introspective, but God is not going to waste anything you give Him. Any effort, any time, any quiet moments, any time in His presence, He is not going to waste any of it.

So, I just want to pray that as you reflect on the past and you try to figure out where God is taking you to the future, just know that there is nothing that you have done that will ever be wasted. There are seeds in your life. There are seeds in your journey. There are seeds in your relationships, there are seeds in your families. There are seeds in your job and your friends that are being planted and He is not going to waste them. So I just bless you with that in the name of Jesus.