Have A Conversational Relationship With God

Tuesday, May 30th, 2023

God wants to be involved in your everyday life.
Sterling Harris


I want to invite you today into a conversational relationship with God. Let me ask you a question: Who is the person you talk to the most in your life? The answer is yourself. So many people tell me, “Sterling, I don’t have time to pray.”  And I ask them, “Do you have time to talk to yourself every day?”  And the answer is, “Well, yeah, I talk to myself all day long.” And I said, “Well, what about, what if you do this? What if you turn that conversation, instead of a two-way dialogue between you and yourself, and you’re only getting your own wisdom, you invite God in the conversation?” Then you have a three-way conversation between yourself, yourself and God, and you’re inviting Him into that conversation and His wisdom, His anointing, His favor. He might be a little bit wiser than the information and the revelation that you have, right?

I think everybody will at least, if you’re watching this, you’ll probably agree with me this statement: God’s smarter than me. And He is!  And it’s so, I guess, foundational, or elementary. But I used to talk to myself and not involve God in my life at all in my daily conversation within my mind for probably 15 years of my Christian walk. So there’s a lot of us that don’t realize that God wants to be involved in the everyday circumstances of our life, and He wants to be involved in all the thoughts that we think.

Inviting Him in looks like as you go throughout the day, I’m often checking in with God like, “God, what do you think about this?” Or I’ll find myself talking to myself and I’ll say, I’ll just stop myself and I’ll just release grace, “I release your grace over this situation.”  And I just say, “God, what are you saying about this situation?” Or I’ll stop and listen and I’ll just say to myself, “Okay, God, I’m inviting you in this conversation. What do you think?”  And so many times it’ll be a flow of wisdom, or I’ll get a thought or I’ll get like a scene in my mind of me doing something, or making a decision a certain way. Sometimes it’ll just be like a peace in my heart and I’ll know I’m on the right track. That’s what God’s saying, like very simple. But God is into the simple. We live a simple Gospel.

The complicated part is actually living it on an everyday basis. It’s not easy to seek God in all that you do, because you have to put aside yourself and your religious thinking and realize that God wants to be involved in your everyday life. So I want to invite you to begin to live a conversational relationship with God every day, and begin to invite Jesus and His wisdom, and His power and His favor into your thought life, into your decisions, into your business, into your marriage, into the way you raise your kids. Even when I’m talking to my kids, and I have a two year old and a four year old. So how many of you know, sometimes you’re not that saved? (Just kidding). So, even in those situations, I say, “God, give me wisdom. Give me your anointing. Give me your response to this situation I’m facing.”

And so I just want to pray for you guys. Jesus, thank you, that as they watch this, God, they’ll get a greater revelation of your goodness and your mercy in the conversational relationship you’re calling them into. I thank you, God, for your anointing over them. In Jesus’ name. Amen. I love you, Jesus loves you. He cares, and oh my goodness, He wants to converse with you. Have a great day.