Surprises From God

Monday, June 12th, 2023

I love to see how the Lord works through things like getting a dog...and God aligning things for us because He's a good Father.
Lindsi Gross


I have a fun testimony for you. So we have one dog and our kids have been talking about getting a puppy for the dog to have a friend. And so, one day we just went out shopping actually for gardening supplies, and I saw a lady walk by with a puppy that looked just like our other dog when she was a baby. I told my husband, I’m like, “Stop the car! I have to get out and go see that puppy!”

So, he stopped the car and my kids and I went out and we asked the lady if we could pet her dog. We just fell in love with this puppy that wasn’t ours. And she said, “Actually, she’s up for adoption. I’m just fostering her.”  So my kids were like, “Please let us have this dog!” And I just had peace about it. And so, two days later, the dog was ours, and I’m thinking to myself, “What have we done? We’ve gotten this new dog. This is so crazy. Was this the right thing?”  And God whispered to me and I just felt Him say, “This is how I work. I knew about this puppy before you knew about this puppy, and this is just how I work. Sometimes I do things by surprise.”

And I felt like, because we’re actually hoping to buy a house this year, I felt like He was saying to me, “Look, I already know where your house is that you’re looking for. I already know where the land is.” He’s like, “If I can do this with a puppy, why couldn’t I do it with a house?”

And so this is just a fun story, because it really blessed our kids. They’re so happy, our other dog is so happy, and I just love to see how the Lord works through things like getting a dog, getting a house, and God just aligning things for us because He’s a good Father.

So I just want to pray for you. God, I pray for everyone who’s watching right now. God, if they have a longing, if they have a desire, God, if they’ve been praying for something, I just ask God that you would come and show them how you’re moving in their life today. And I just pray that there would be breakthrough and testimonies for them as well. In Jesus’ name. Amen.