Where Does Your Help Come From?

Thursday, August 17th, 2023

I want to encourage you, friends, whatever it is you're going through...Look up to where your help comes from.
Ward Simpson


Hello, everyone. I’m Ward Simpson and welcome to God Today. I want to tell you a story about a time I was visiting my dad in Barbados. He has a beautiful place. It’s on a cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and we can sit there on that bench and the breeze is blowing in our hair and we look down and we see all the kids having fun on the beach.

This one particular day, there I was watching and to my amusement, there were some tourists swimming and the waves were rough and all of a sudden, this tourist was balled up in a wave, lost his mask, lost his snorkel. He just went flying everywhere. Then all the family came from the beach. They were all looking for this mask and the strange thing is they couldn’t find it. They were looking down all around but not where they lost it. Yet I was up above looking down and I could see it every now and then in between the waves. Whenever the sand would settle, there it was. I could see it and I continued to raise my hands and flag them and shout but no one would look up.

It reminded me of the Bible where it says, “Where do I look up? Where do I look for my help? I look up to where my help comes from,” the Bible says, but they wouldn’t look up. So, what did I do? I quickly ran down, I wanted to be a friend and help to these tourists and I said to them, “What are you looking for?”  I knew. I was being naughty. I said, “What are you looking for?”  They said “Oh, we lost our mask and snorkel. It’s so expensive.”  I said, “That’s okay, I’ll find it for you,”  and immediately I dove into the water and I picked it up and I said, “Here it is.”  And in amazement, they looked at me and with thanks. I said, “You know what? You should’ve looked up. I was waving and shouting to tell you where it was.”

Today I want to encourage you, friends, whatever it is you’re going through, don’t look down, don’t look around, don’t look behind, don’t look ahead, don’t look to others. Look up to where your help comes from. The Bible clearly says if you would look up, Jesus will answer your prayer. I pray today in Jesus’ name, whatever you’re going through, friends, that you would look up to where your help comes from. I bless you today in Jesus’ name. Have a wonderful day. God bless you.