Overcoming Spiritual Warfare

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2024

When you stand for the Lord, when you stand for truth, resistance comes.
Joshua August


Hello everyone. My name is Joshua August with Joshua August Ministries on YouTube. Welcome to God Today.  Today I’m going to be sharing about spiritual warfare. I’m going to start right off with a story. I’m in marketplace ministry, and I’m traveling all around different properties. Sometimes two hours away, sometimes 10 minutes away, 20 minutes away, 30 minutes away. But what me and my company are doing is, it’s a Kingdom based company, and we’re going and praying for people. I’m prophesying to people, ministering, passing out resources, having some really awesome moments, but there are also great moments of warfare.

We were at a particular property recently and I’ve never seen anything quite like it. I found out later, you know, that the people we were working for were actually atheists, and that brings a measure of friction. If you know what I’m talking about, if you’re mature in the Lord. But we set up there, and folks, I kid you not; we had dogs barking, just violently barking in the neighborhood, the entire time. One of the first days we were there, people zooming on streets. Someone parked in our parking spot just delayed our work, just issues with neighbors. Someone came out and basically attacked us, you know, while we were working. This is very real. Some people might not understand this, but when you move the Kingdom of God forward, you know, everyone in the Bible experienced spiritual warfare, the disciples were persecuted.  Daniel, who wouldn’t bow down and worship the gods of Babylon.  There were just so many people throughout the Bible… Paul.

When you stand for the Lord, when you stand for truth, resistance comes. Even Jesus said, (He’s the best one, right?) “They hated me before they hated you.”  They hated Him without cause. So it was just an incredible amount of warfare, and it was so bad. There’s a lot of other things I can’t share. But it was so tough, we almost wanted to not do the job. And we basically do a form of construction. So, I go home and I’m just a little distraught from all the challenges of the day. In a single day, like I said, we had just dogs violently barking. Someone took our parking spot. We were accused (spirit of accusation) from a neighbor, just a really tough time. And then I go home and the Lord’s like, “Why didn’t you take authority over it? Pray, pray, and it will be different tomorrow.”  I was like, I didn’t do that. I mean, I say the basic prayers, you know, “Cover us, protect us.” So I really got into my prayer closet, Psalm 91, “He who dwells under the shadow of the Almighty” and Psalm 27, Psalm 84:11. And I just started decreeing Luke 10:19, “We have authority over all snakes, over all scorpions, over all powers of the enemy.” But the big one I really liked was in Joshua, “Wherever your foot goes, I’ll give to you.” So I just said, “In Jesus’ Name, this is part of our business, these are our clients. I declare this property, Kingdom property.” I said, “No snakes or scorpions will come against us. The Lord is a sun and a shield. The Lord is my light, my salvation, whom shall I fear?” I just started quoting and praying those scriptures, guys. And it was a little bit of a, it wasn’t a quick 20 second prayer. I really took time to pray.

You know, every case and scenario is different, but guys, I kid you not, like I said, the Lord told me to share this with you. And a lot of people are talking about spiritual warfare right now being heightened. I kid you not guys, no one was speeding on the streets and it was bad. The dogs were not barking. We made amends with the neighbor and by the end of the project, she was waving goodbye to us and thanking us. That just doesn’t happen. We built relationship, even though people didn’t believe, you know, our customers didn’t believe quite like us. But I wanna encourage you; you know, the Word even says, “We do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers of the air, dark forces.” But I would encourage you sometimes that happens, especially when you take ground, you take area for the Lord, but you can push through and you have dominion. You have the authority, you have all the power in the resurrection power that Jesus had.

So I just pray in Jesus’ Name, as you go out into your ministry, in your calling, that you put on the full armor of God every day and that you take dominion and decree, and you bring the Kingdom of God at hand, wherever you go, in confidence and boldness in Jesus’ Name, we pray. Amen.