His Burden Is Light And His Yoke Is Easy

Wednesday, March 13th, 2024

I am asking you, today. My dear brother, my sweet sister, why are you trying to lift that when I am right here for you?
Jennifer Mallan


Hello, I am Jennifer Mallan, and I am a pastor of Reliant Family Church in Tampa, Florida. Welcome to God Today. Listen, I know you love the Lord. I know you are a believer, but here is a reminder, something I need to hear and I hope it will minister to you. It is called “light and easy”. See, at the beginning of the year, my husband started telling me, “Jen, the Holy Spirit is saying ‘light and easy’. That He wants us to move forward in a light and easy life.” Now, there is a scripture, of course, that goes with that. Matthew 11:28-30. Jesus is speaking and He says something very well-known. He says, “Come unto me all of you who are weary, who are burdened, who are heavily-laden, and I will give you rest.” And then He says to “learn from me, take my yoke upon you.” Then once again he talks about entering into this rest. Then He closes that verse saying, “My yoke is easy and my burden is light.” 


He is saying, “Look, I am light and easy.” We also know scripture from Acts 3:19 that says, when we repent we return to God that we get refreshed and that He gives us seasons of refreshing in the presence of the Lord.” Now, I was at the airport a few years ago with my husband. There was this massive suitcase, it was way over the limit that you are supposed to be carrying suitcases. And, in the baggage claim, the luggage was going round and round, and I went to grab the suitcase. He immediately fussed at me and corrected me. And he said, “Why are you going to lift that when I am right here with you?” And I thought, “Well, that is brilliant. He is a big, strong guy. Why am I doing that?” And I remember the Holy Spirit saying, “Yea, that’s how I am. Why are you trying to carry those burdens? Why are you trying to carry that baggage? That heavy load, when I am right here with you?” 


Now, there are several scriptures in the word about casting our cares upon the Lord, about casting our burdens upon Him. Listen, in this season, I am encouraging you today, wherever you are, He wants to refresh you. He wants to restore you. He doesn’t have heaviness, and burdens, and difficulties, and pain every day on your walk. Yes, we go through valleys of the shadow of death. Yes, we go through difficult seasons. Yes, we count it all joy in many situations. But look. We come out of those things and God is saying, “I’ve got some green pastures and I’ve got some still waters, and I want to restore your soul. I want your cup to run over. I have joy unspeakable and full of glory.”


I am asking you, today. My dear brother, my sweet sister, why are you trying to lift that when I am right here for you? Can I pray for you? Father, I thank you that you know us as your children, you know we need constant reminders, you know our flesh starts getting in its own strength and trying to handle things and carry things that we cannot, that we were not designed to. So, Lord, I ask today, God, right now, wherever my friend is, that they are breathing that promise, that they are accessing that promise, that they are accommodating that promise in their lives. That they are letting you work it out in them. They are working it out, God. And Lord, that they will cast those things upon you and they will receive light and easy for today, for this week, for the rest of this year. That it will become a new habit, it will become a new mindset. Thank you for refreshing, Father. Thank you so much. I will see you soon.