Delay Does Not Mean Denial

Monday, March 25th, 2024

He's still at work all around you, in you and through you, and He'll find glory through you.
Lonnie Robbins


Hello, and welcome to God Today. I’m Lonnie Robbins with Pure Life Counseling, and my topic today: delay does not mean denial. His word, God’s voice, His blood; It’s never stopped speaking. And I’m talking today to those who’ve been in waiting, who’ve been in wondering if the promises of God will ever come to pass in your life. 

As stated in Isaiah 55, “The rain and the snow, they come down from the heavens. They stay on the ground to water the earth. They cause the grain to grow, producing seed for the farmer and bread for the hungry. It’s the same with my word, God said, I send it out and it always produces fruit. It’ll accomplish all I want it to, and it will prosper everywhere I send it.”  Science itself has come to agreement with that very fact, with scripture and proving God’s word. In physics, there’s a term coined metric expansion, describing how the universe is at a constant state of expansion. We know that in the beginning, God’s word spoke and it was. Creation into existence. And it was His word that’s still upholding unfolding all that was originally spoken. It’s still creating and expanding indefinitely. It’s not returning void, but it’s fulfilling its purpose. Physicists also have found that at the very core of all matter, there’s a sound or vibrational node that’s holding all things together. Now this is superstring theory. In essence, it’s His voice that’s still speaking in every molecule and every situation and every destiny. This is such great news. It’s His word that’s commanded not to come back void. 

Well, throughout our own Christian walk, many of us have received prophetic words or promises from His word that we know are rhema words from heaven for us, but we’ve not yet seen them come to fulfillment and discouragement can often set in. It’s in these times, God is doing some significant things in our lives to prepare us for what He has planned for our lives. We can actually see this in scripture through the life of Moses, who for 40 years wandered in the desert before delivering the Israelites from captivity. Or Joseph who spent 13 years in Potiphar’s house and prison before ruling in Pharaoh’s court. Or even David, he was anointed king by Samuel, but he spent seven years fleeing for his life and being tested by God, before being crowned king over Israel. Oftentimes, in our waiting for a promise and promise to be fulfilled, God’s at work on our behalf, preparing us. He’s proofing us. He’s developing that strength in us for the role of His promise through us. For all of God’s promises find their yes, or fulfillment in Him and His yes, and our amen come into agreement. It says that they ascended God, and we bring Him glory, 2 Corinthians 1:2.  

I’m speaking to those today that have gone through discouragement that have been dismayed, wondering if God is ever going to do what He’s promised you over your life and for you to do. And I’m here to declare on your life: Yes and amen. I’m coming into agreement with those promises with you. He will fulfill them. He’s still at work all around you, in you and through you, and He’ll find glory through you. We know that scripture says all good things come from Him. They are through Him and they are to Him forever and ever. And I’m putting you in that place of that promise. All things are coming from Him and through you and to you. If He can get it through you, He can get it to you. I’m just declaring complete, supernatural victory of the promises of God releasing in Jesus’ Name over your destiny. 

I want to pray. Father, bless them. I pray for encouragement. God, I pray for strength and that they don’t get dismayed in well-doing for they will reap the reward. Your word will come to pass. I’m declaring breakthrough. We’re declaring encouragement and we’re declaring even greater clarity of what you’re doing in this season. Father, thank you for the sticktoitiveness of the individuals in this session in Jesus’ Name, Amen.