Relationship Investments

Friday, April 19th, 2024

God created the marriage before He actually created family or should be our top priority.
Kathy Tolleson


Welcome to God Today. We are going to be talking about investing in your marriage. My name is Kathy Tolleson. My husband and I have a ministry called Kingdom Life Now. A lot of what we do is help bring restoration to couples. We do marriage boot camps. We find so many times in marriages, the marriage is really getting short-changed. The marriage is getting the leftovers of life. All the time is spent on the kids, or the time is spent in business, or the time is spent in ministry. We hear a lot of things like, “We were just too tired, we are ti tired, we are too busy, we don’t have time to spend together.”

We have found that your marriage is going to be like a return on an investment. If you don’t invest time, money, energy into your marriage, you can’t expect anything out of it. We really help couples re-prioritize. Outside of your relationship with God, your relationship with your spouse should be the next priority. Then out of that, then comes the needs of the family. God created the marriage before He actually created family or children, or community, or ministry, or anything else. So, it should be our top priority.

When that relationship is solid, our children feel more secure, our churches are stronger, our communities are stronger. The Bible says an amazing thing that the apostle Paul said. That a marriage is a reflection of Jesus Christ in His church. We are an example everyday. People should look at our marriage and say, “Wow. That is how much Jesus loves the church”, when they see my husband loving me. And when they see me respecting Him, they should be able to say, “That’s how the church respects and honors Jesus.”

We have an amazing responsibility to demonstrate that on the Earth. I pray today that you would have a desire – each and every one of you – to begin to receive personal healing, personal freedom that will affect every area of your marriage.