Friday, December 15th, 2017

But, are you looking for those opportunities to touch people's’ lives?  
Ron Cantor


Hi everybody, I’m Ron Cantor.  I’m the regional director for GOD TV in Israel.  And I want to welcome you to God Today. I’m so excited to be sharing with you today. I want to talk to you about evangelism.  Now, don’t press pause, don’t press delete – you need to hear this.  When was the last time that you shared your faith with somebody? I’m gonna guess with most folks it’s been awhile.  I want to share with you a ket for breaking out of that.  Because one of the reasons we don’t share our faith is that we’re not proactive.  You see, one of the things I try to do every day is begin my day in prayer by saying, “God, you’ve anointed me today.  You’ve anointed me to share Jesus with people today.  There are people you’re lining up to meet me today.  Help me put on Jesus.  Help me clothe myself with the Messiah today so that I’ll be ready.  Help me to have the right heart attitude, so that no matter what circumstance I find myself in, I’m acting like Jesus.  That people will see Jesus in me”.  And then as I go out in that day, I’m conscious that I’m clothed with Him.  And I’m looking for those opportunities — see that’s a big difference.  We often don’t look – we go to work, we do our work, we do our thing, we come home.  But, are you looking for those opportunities to touch people’s’ lives?  

Just yesterday morning I woke up (we’re filming here in Florida) I woke up in my hotel room and I just said, “Lord, anoint me today.”  And I just felt immediately that God was going to heal somebody.  And I just said “Lord, I want to find that person, I want to see them healed.”  I just clothed myself with Jesus.  I walked out of my hotel room and I saw this precious young lady who was wanting to come in and clean my room.  And I started a conversation with her.  I said, “Do you have pain in your back?”  No, it was not a word of knowledge, most hotel workers have pain in their back.  She was so sweet – she said, “Yes, I do.”  I said, “I want to pray for you because I think God is going to heal you.”  She said, “Ok!”  I prayed for her back, she was instantly healed, she was overjoyed.  I shared with her about Jesus (she was already a believer).  And then within the next ten minutes, three more people, just quick, little nuggets, shining the light.  And the more you do that, the more it will become a lifestyle, just as being a rut became a lifestyle for me and so many of you, where we were just not proactive about sharing our faith.  

So, I want to pray for you right now, to activate that.  Father, in the name of Yeshua, I pray for everyone watching today, that today would be the day, that they get out of the rut and begin to share the most awesome message that there is.  That there is eternal life in Jesus, salvation, forgiveness of sins.  Use them today in Jesus’ name.  Amen.  God bless you and thank you for subscribing to God Today.