It’s Time to Start Saying Yes

Saturday, March 24th, 2018

Be in prayer and listening to Him so that you can say “yes” to a wonderful opportunity.
Marty Goetz


Hi, this is Marty Goetz, I’m a Messianic singer and recording artist.  Welcome to God Today. You know, God sometimes does some surprising things.  He asks us to do things. Sometimes we say “no”. I’m very good at saying “no”.  But saying “yes” is very important.

I like to write songs and a friend of mine called me one day and said, “Would you like to write a song for a special project that is going to be on a Christian television station?” And I said, “No” because the guys is very hip and writes these very, very cool things and I’m kind of a slow balladeer and I like these kind of old-fashioned songs.   So I said, “No” to him. He said, “Okay”.

Then he called back again and said, ”I still think you’re supposed to do it.”  I said, “No, I don’t think so”. Then he called again and said, “Let me send you a copy of what they have been doing on these videos.”  He sent me a copy about Moses. Now, that’s a man who said “no” to God. When God called him he said, “I can’t speak. Lord, I can’t do this.  I’m not good at talking. You should send somebody else.” But God said, “No. You’re the man who is going to go and deliver my people of Israel.”

I watched what he sent me and I was still thinking “no” in my heart.  I actually told him, “No, no, no. Get someone else.” Then that day I looked at a calendar that had some devotionals and some scripture passages.  The scripture passage was about Moses. He said that he was talking to God. God said to him [after he said “no” to God], “What’s that in your hand Moses?”  And he said, “It’s a rod”. He said, “Throw the rod down”. And the rod became a snake. It sent this whole series of things happening where God delivered the people of Israel just by him saying “yes”.  

I said “yes” to my friend finally because I knew God was talking to me.  Guess what? We finished the song, we got paid for it, and it was nominated for an Emmy Award for daytime television, can you believe that? What If I had said “no” to that?  Well, we lost to Disney and I’m sorry about that, but it’s a lesson. When God asks you to do something, be in prayer and listening to Him so that you can say “yes” to a wonderful opportunity.

Lord, I’m going to pray for anybody out there that doesn’t know how to respond to God.  Give them the willing spirit to just listen and to be willing to say “yes” when God gives an opportunity.  And even if they say “no”, show them how to keep listening, keep seeking, and keep looking for God in His word because it’s through that word sometimes we get our marching orders.  It’s such a wonderful thing. May they be blessed, may you be blessed. And say “yes” to your Lord because He has great things for you. Thanks so much. Amen.