Time for New Beginnings

Tuesday, May 1st, 2018

There are ways for you to think so that you can prosper, multiply, and enter into the best God has for you.
Chuck Pierce


Hello, I’m Chuck Pierce, it’s great to be with you.  Welcome to God Today. This is such a key time for us to enter into.  As a matter of fact, all years linked with “8” are about new beginnings. I was thinking this morning what I would decree over each one of you is that whatever new beginning you need to enter into you will do now.  Something about it that we have to make a shift in as God’s people – we have to think differently. I think sometimes we get worn out from the last season, we are pressing through to get to where we are.  This year there is a supernatural energy to come on you to press you into the future. Now, future is word (Biblically) that means “expected in”. For you to get to a place you have never gotten to before.  I want to encourage you today – get to a new place with the Lord. Not only get to that new place, but allow Him to energize you in a new way. Allow Him to break off the warfare from the last season, but most importantly allow Him to mke you to think differently.    

What I want to leave with you is this: remember when the Lord had to teach his disciples to make a shift.  The first lesson He gave to them was about feeding the 5,000. They said, “Send all these people home.” He said, “No, you’re going to feed them.”  To do that they had to think differently. I want to say to you: there are ways for you to think so that you can prosper, multiply, and enter into the best God has for you.  Don’t miss God today. Don’t miss moving forward in this season to move forward.

Let me pray for each one of you.  Lord, I ask for everyone listening right now, I decree right now there is a new supernatural energy coming on them.  They are going to be able to think in ways they never thought before. I decree that anyway the enemy is wearing down their mind, the power of that will be broken off of them.  I say faith will arise in a whole new way. Lord, I thank you for your people. I thank you for your Kingdom people, they will be a strong people that do exploits. I loose that now over everyone listening.