How To Like Yourself

Thursday, August 24th, 2023

God really appreciates it when we love who He made us to be.
Lisa van den Berg


You know, God really appreciates it when we love who He made us to be. Think about that for the moment. We have an opportunity when we look at ourselves to like ourselves in such a way that it puts a smile on God’s face, because we’re basically saying to Him, “Lord, I agree with you. You did a good job!”

In Psalm 139:14, we see how He says, you know, “I knit you together in your mother’s womb, and I am super happy with what I created.”  I encourage you to go and read that verse.

I was talking to a coaching client of mine the other day, and, typically in a session, you know, when we come for coaching, we’re saying, “Uh, you know, I didn’t measure up in this way.”  Or, “I’m sad I don’t do things this way,” or “I’m frustrated that I can’t get this right.”  And this woman looked at me and straight in the eyes over a zoom call and she said, “You know what? I have really spent this week liking and appreciating myself.”  I was gobsmacked, because that’s not the usual thing that comes out, right? And I looked at her and I said, “Well, tell me more about that.”  And she just started saying, “You know, I started saying to the Lord, ‘Will you show me why you made my face the way it is? Will you show me why you gave me the sense of humor you did? Will you show me why you created my body to look this way? Will you show me why I think the way I do? Will you show me why worship looks the way it does for you and me?'” And she was asking all of these beautiful questions, and it gave God this opportunity to really tell her why He created her the way He did, and how He loves it when she acts, and says, and thinks, and believes the way He created her to be.

Imagine the delight that it can bring to God’s heart today when you ask Him, “Lord, why did you make… (like this nose of mine is big, right? I’ve had issues with this nose for a long time.” But imagine me saying to the Lord, “Lord, why did you make my nose this big? Why did you make it the way it was?” And stopping for a moment and letting Him tell me why He delights in the way He made me. Beautiful, beautiful way to put a smile on God’s face and to really appreciate and like yourself for just the way He created you to be today.