It’s Not Just One-Way Communication With God

Thursday, June 7th, 2018

You can speak to God. You can say, “God, I need this.  God, can you help me here?”
Jeffrey Levinson


Hi, my name is Jeffrey Levinson with GOD TV.  Welcome to God Today. Today I would like to talk to you a little bit about hearing the voice of God.  You know, I am going to read a scripture from Numbers 7:89, “And when Moses went into the tent of meeting that he might speak with them, He heard the voice speaking to him from above the ark of the covenant between the two cherubim.”  I always thought that meant that God was having a conversation with Moses. God would talk, Moses would listen, and perhaps He would give him insight. But you know something? It wasn’t that way. I read a deeper translation from the Hebraic dialect and it adds one word.  “And Moses would enter into the tent of appointment and there would hear the voice speaking to him CONTINUOUSLY from above the ark of the covenant between the two cherubim.” The one word “continuously” made me see that it wasn’t a two-way conversation.

He was pummelling Moses with the word.  He was telling Moses everything from the beginning to the end.  He was telling Moses about the Israelites, about the desert, about His son Jesus and about you and me.  It was a one-way conversation. The Israelites had been given a chance to speak to God. God said to Moses in Exodus, “Hey, gather the children of Israel, sanctify them for three days, bring them before the mountain, and when they come there I will speak to them.”  And they heard that at the sound of a shofar, waxing louder and louder. Still, they came before the mountain and they got so afraid it was a quaking, and a trembling, and the smoke came down. And they heard the voice of God. They said, “Moses, we are too afraid. We can’t speak to Him.  You speak to Him for us.” From then on it was Moses going into the tent of appointment.

In Matthew, Jesus on the cross took His last breath and that instant –  in that instant, he ripped the veil in the temple from the top to the bottom that separated God from man and the communication.  When that happened it wasn’t just a one-way communication. It wasn’t just God speaking to us, which He does continually. He is speaking to us continually.  But, it says in Psalms, “The Lord inclines us here to our prayers.” So, you can speak to God now. It’s not like Moses – He couldn’t even breathe probably. You can speak to God. You can say, “God, I need this.  God, can you help me here, God I praise you, I give you praise, Lord” And He is speaking continually. Maybe you’ve never heard His voice. Maybe you’ve never heard His still, small voice like Elijah.

I’m going to pray with you right now.  That perhaps you can ask God, “Can I hear your voice?” He might speak to you in a still, small voice.  Perhaps He will speak to you in a scripture during your devotion. Maybe in a dream. Let’s pray right now.  Father, I just pray for anybody who is watching that they would just ask you to speak to them, that they would hear you by your still, small voice, that they would maybe hear you speaking through scripture in a devotion or perhaps in a dream in a vision.  Father, I give you praise that it is done. In Jesus’ name. I am Jeffrey Levinson and this is God Today.