God Is…

Thursday, March 14th, 2019

We don’t have to worry about which side God is on because God is on His own side.
Joseph Infranco


Hi, everyone.  I am Joe Infranco, welcome to God Today.  I am an attorney with a ministry called Alliance Defending Freedom.  I am not here to talk about legal cases today.


We do observe the culture today – doesn’t it seem to be in such turmoil?  My goodness. People are fighting about everything. It is really sharp it is really acute in the political process now.  Where do we weigh in as Christians in this? Sometimes we look and we wonder, “God, which side are you on?” Let me suggest something to you today.  WHen we come in contact with the culture, I think there is a refreshing truth. We don’t have to worry about which side God is on because God is on His own side.


There is an interesting story in Joshua 5.  Josh was about to go fight the city of Jericho.  It says that the captain of the host of the Lord appeared to him.  Joshua, being very human, says to this angelic being, “Are you here on hour side, or for our enemy?”  I like this. Isn’t that the way we think of this as people? “God, are you on my side or their side?”  I love the angels answer to him. It starts with a single word. “No.” As if to say, “Joshua, you are asking the wrong question.  I am here as the captain of the host of the Lord. Take off your shoes because this is holy ground.” Joshua, no fool he, takes off his shoes and knees down and begins to worship.


There is an important lesson.  We don’t want to bring God down to our own level.  Whatever division we have in the culture, in society, wherever, let’s worry less about, “God, are you on my side or the other side?”  Let’s all shoot for something else instead. I want to find out what God wants in this situation and I want to be on His side. That starts by asking the right question.


Father, thank you that you are a God and you have views, and you want us to be faithful.  I ask for everyone asking now, Lord. If we are getting caught up in the culture, and the tension, help us to see this the right way, Lord.  You are the only right side. We want to be on your side. In Jesus’ name. Hey, it’s been great to be with you. Thanks, everyone. I am Joe Infranco, this has been God Today.