Tuesday, November 12th, 2019

God is calling us to make peace with God through the Prince of Peace. Through Him, we are becoming complete and whole.
Avi Mizrachi


Shalom, my name is Avi Mizrachi.  I am a pastor from Tel Aviv, Israel.  You are watching God Today. It is a great joy to be with you today.  Someone talking to you says, “Pray for the priests of Jerusalem.” The word “Shalom” has so much deep meaning. See, in Hebrew, we take three letters to make words.  The first word is “shalom”, the second word with the same root is “Shalem”, whole. Then we have another word “shelem” which is a peace offering. The fourth word we have is “shelem”, to pay, to pay the price. My question is, when you think about shalom, about peace, what do you think?


In the Hebrew language, it has much more meaning.  When I see someone in the street and I say, “Mah Shlomcha” it means “How is your peace / your well-doing?” When I say, “Are you shelem?” It means, “Are you whole? Not half, not quarter?  Are you whole complete?” When I think about the peace offering they used to offer at the temple to restore relationship with God, the word there is “shelem”. The last thing is to pay the price, “shelem”, he paid. When I think about the Hebrew word connecting all these words, my question is this. Who is the Prince of Peace?  There is only one answer, Yeshua / Jesus the Messiah. Who is the One who has made us whole, Shelem? Jesus. Who is the Shelem, the peace offering who restored us back to God by giving His own life as the lamb of God? Yeshua Jesus. And the last one, who is the One who paid the price, Shelem, it is finished, He paid the price? There is only One. Yeshua Jesus.

Anyway, you look at that, from all the words we have relating to the word Shalom, it is very clear.  God is calling us, each one of us if we are Jewish or non-Jewish if we are Arab or from the nations.  God is calling us to make peace with God through the Prince of Peace. Through Him, we are becoming complete and whole.  He is the peace offering, Shelem, and He paid the price, Shelem. It is paid. It is finished. Now we can have a relationship and peace with God.  I encourage you. If you don’t know Jesus, if you don’t know Yeshua, this is the day of your salvation. Come to Him, repent of your sin, accept Him in your heart as your Messiah, as your Savior as the Prince of Peace.  You will have peace with God and peace with men. God bless you. Shalom.