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Thursday, June 4th, 2020Michael Brown

Rejoice Always


This is Dr. Michael Brown from Ask Dr. Brown Ministries and you are watching God Today. Paul wrote from prison.  Think of prison in the ancient world.  It wasn’t nice, it was not pretty, you didn’t have prisoners’ rights.  You could be in a miserable dungeon in the basement, under a building, and chained.  It could be rat-infested, filthy, smelly.  Paul, writing from prison, writes to the Philippians and says, “Rejoice Always, and again I tell you, rejoice.” 


Remember, it is when Paul was in a jail in Philippi, in Acts 16. He and Silas were doing Gospel work.  Paul had driven a demon out of a slave girl and it had caused a disruption in the city.  And because of Paul and Silas’s obedience to the Lord, they were led to Philippi directly by the Lord at the beginning of Acts 16.  For their obedience to God, they end up in a jail cell.  Not only so, but they are also severely flogged.  Think about that.  You are in chains, you are beaten, you are bloody, you can’t ease your suffering on any level.  And in the midst of that, at midnight, the deepest, darkest hour... Start a free trial to watch the video and read the rest of the transcript!

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