Heaven Awaits

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020

I want you to be encouraged today that you will see your loved ones who have passed on - again.
Shirley Seger


Hi, I am Shirley Seger, and welcome to God Today. Today I want to talk to you about Heaven. About losing loved ones. About possibly losing a loved one.  I am going to tell you a very personal story of mine that will encourage you.  I am a seer in the Spirit and I am going to share some things with you that I have seen during my father’s own passing in the Spirit, which will definitely bring a lot of warmth to your heart.


In Samuel 12:23, King David loses his child. It explains how he lost his child and what he said was, in his grief, he said, “Can I bring him back?” He answered his own question, “No. So, I will go to him.” Which means, he was going to see that young son again.  And also, if you read Luke 9:28-30, it is all about the transfiguration where Jesus actually was seen speaking with Elijah and Moses.  Now, these are people that the disciples that were with Him on the Mountain, they actually recognized.  Now, if you think about that, did they see? In their lifetime, did they see these people? No. But when they saw them, they knew who they were. So, you see, when you go to Heaven, you are going to know everybody that you ever wanted to meet. And you will also be met at the gate by your loved ones.


Now let me tell you this story. My father was not a believer, he was actually a very high ranking masonic member.  He was extremely intelligent. We used to have debates back and forth because I was a believer and he wasn’t, and we would share debates. We just loved bantering with each other. When he was going on for heart surgery, my prophetic mentor and intercessor called me up and said, “I really hate to tell you this, but your father is not going to make it through this.” Well, after a lot of grieving, I went to the Lord and I said, “What do you want me to do? Because he is not a believer.  And I don’t want to go to Heaven without my daddy.”  So, the Lord said, “Your job is to go and lead your father to Heaven.” And then He said, “And I will be with you.”


So, I went in that day and they were going to take him off of the intubation. They were going to take him off the next day.  So I said to him, “Dad, will you just let me pray the Lord’s prayer over you so I know that you are going to go to Heaven?”  And he wrote on a piece of paper, at the time he couldn’t speak, and he said, “Honey, I could do that for you, however, isn’t it a matter of the heart?” So, I said, “Okay, then make a deal with me.  Let me pray this prayer, ask God, ‘Lord, if you are real, prove it to me in the next 6 hours.’”


Now, I don’t recommend that particular prayer, but my father had to be reached that way.  So, he looked at me and he said, “Okay.” So I went away.  I fasted, I prayed, I fasted, I prayed. And when I came back to ask him what was going to be a hard question, he couldn’t speak. I waited, and waited, and fasted in prayer.  I said, “Lord, you have to open his eyes, you have to open his ears, I have to get in there to him.”  So, I went in the last day they said he was awake.  I bolted down there, and I went into him during my time so that they would take him out and put in more morphine so that he was going to pass.  I put my hand on him and I said, “Dad, I am going to pray the Lord’s Prayer on you, I am going to repent of all of your sins and I am going to ensure you are in Heaven. You know what I do for a living and how can I go on if I don’t know my own father is in Heaven?”


So, I prayed the prayer and I said, “Now, blink twice if it is yes or just close your eyes if it is no.” Now, you have to know that turning to my father, opening my eyes, and looking at that was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my entire life. I looked up, and I looked over at my father’s face, and I said, “What is your answer, Daddy?” And he blinked twice. That day he went on to glory.  And he had been completely unconscious for a long time. And when you have lung problems, your eyes get affected so you can’t even see.  But when he was just about ready to pass, the nurse was telling us, “Tell him it is okay to go, everything is okay.”  We were telling him that and then the seer in me opened up and I saw a light come into the room. Now, he had been completely unresponsive.  And I said, “Daddy, do you see that light? Did you see that light come in the room?” He opened his eyes! He was blind at the time.  He opened his eyes, he looked over at that light and he went like this [nod head]. And I said, “That’s Jesus. And He has come to get you to take you to Heaven.  I will see you soon.”


And he passed on. And he went to Heaven.  Now, this is just a confirmation to you that I know He is there.  My mother is a seer too and she said, “I saw him get up off of the table. He is gone.” And she started packing up his stuff. So being a family of seers I said, “What was he wearing?” And she said, “Oh, he had on that yellow coat he always wears, and his khaki pants,” She was in shock.  “And his white tennis shoes.” And then she stormed out.  And I went down to the room where my nine-year-old niece was.  And I went in because my sister was a mess. I said, “Honey, Grandpa has gone to Heaven now.” And she said, “Oh, I know.” I said, “How do you know?” At first, I thought a nurse came in and broke the news to them.  She said, “He came in and said ‘goodbye’. I said, “What did he say? And she said he said, “Believe.” One word. Believe. And then he left. And she said, “I opened the door and I saw him doing cartwheels down the hall.” Do you know I asked her, “What was she wearing?” And she said, “He had on that yellow coat and those khaki pants, and his tennis shoes.”


I want you to be encouraged today that you will see your loved ones who have passed on – again.  And if you have one that is on their way to the Lord, be encouraged, be comforted.  I pray for you now that a release of comfort from the Lord’s heart would cover you during this journey. And just know you will see them again. God bless you.