Celebrating The Testimonies Of Others

Wednesday, March 31st, 2021

When we celebrate the breakthroughs and the testimonies in other people’s lives, they happen again on our own.
Dave Harvey


Hi, I am Dave Harvey, the director of Increase! Testimonies. Welcome to God Today. Did you know that celebrating other people’s testimonies around you is a key to seeing breakthrough in your own life?


The Bible tells us that we are all one body. That we are members of one another. And it also says that when we celebrate the testimonies and the graces on people’s lives, that we too can receive grace for those things to happen in our lives again.


Matthew 10:41 says this, “He who receives a prophet in the name of a prophet will receive a prophet’s reward. And he who receives a righteous man in the name of a righteous man shall receive a righteous man’s reward.” That word “receive” means to make one’s own. That means if my wife has a testimony, I can hear it and make it my own and believe for God to do it again for me.


This happened, amazingly, in our life as a family. My wife desperately needed a new car. Our old car was broken down and on the way to school, the Lord said, “Get your kids to pray for a new car.” So, Jayden prayed, “Father, I release a Honda Pilot from heaven.” I laughed as I heard that prayer.


Then, 20 minutes later I sat in a staff meeting and the woman next to me received a text message saying, “Come and pick out any car you want from any car yard.” Immediately I was confronted with, “Should I be jealous about this? We just prayed for a car. Or should I celebrate?” God said to me, “Celebrate this testimony because you are one step closer to your breakthrough.” So, I celebrated with her and she went and picked out a brand new car.


Guess what happened? Over the next 5 days, 6 friends texted me and said, “We were just given a car! We were just given a car!” Cars were given all around us and I chose to celebrate those breakthroughs because I knew I was one step closer to my own.


As you can imagine, God is so good. Later on, somebody gave us thousands and thousands of dollars and my wife was able to buy a brand new Honda Pilot. God is so good. When we celebrate the breakthroughs and the testimonies in other people’s lives, they happen again in our own. If you are wondering how you can celebrate testimonies around you, why not jump on to the Increase! Testimonies app and look for testimonies in areas where you need a breakthrough. Comment on them, like them. Tell the people how amazing it is and then believe God for Him to do it again for you.


I want to pray for you right now. I believe miracles are about to happen as we celebrate the testimonies of God. Father, I pray right now that you lead everyone who needs a breakthrough to testimonies from others in their lives or others on the testimony app. And I pray that you cause these miracles to release hope, and favor for them to happen again for them. In Jesus’ name. Amen.