Believing the Kingdom, Not Society

Monday, July 5th, 2021

How many things are you believing that have just been a normal part of our society or a normal part of our lives that are not Kingdom? That aren't God, that are not His truth for us at all? We get to choose to break that.
Jenna Winston


Hi, I’m Jenna Winston with Heartscaping Ministries. I want to talk to you today about – I’m kind of going to giggle a little bit at this one – I want to talk about the basic, dumb things that we say in life all the time that aren’t Kingdom. The power of our words is so important. How many times have you thought, “Oh man, everything’s going so good. The hammer’s gonna fall.” I always thought that. I used to always believe that every time things started to go well in my life that it wasn’t going to be long before it all fell apart and the hammer was going to fall. That’s something I’ve heard my whole life.

I remember one time a few years ago asking the Lord, “Lord, everything’s going so good. I’m exhausted waiting for the hammer to fall.” And He goes, “I never said that. I’m pretty sure I said from glory to glory.” So I literally said, “Well, wow, okay Jesus, in Your name, I break off and renounce the lie that when things are good, the hammer has to fall.” And you know what? That’s exactly what happened. Those cycles stopped. Isn’t that crazy?

How many times have you heard, “You don’t get something for nothing.” That pretty much annihilates the Gospel because we get everything for nothing, right? Jesus gave His whole entire life, but yet we still want to just run around chasing our tails, working for all the things that already belong to us. How many times have you heard in your whole life, “There’s a consequence for every action.” Well, that just annihilates grace and mercy. Our belief systems keep those cycles in our lives.

So I actually started for myself breaking this stuff off – old things that grandma and grandpa always said, or mom and dad always said, because how many things are in our normal everyday lives and in our normal everyday belief systems that are complete lies that are not Kingdom? The fact is, all of these things are root belief systems that have been so natural and taught to us by broken parents, broken church, broken society that we think it’s how it is because we’ve never challenged it. And even if you’ve grown up and you’ve learned differently and you know better now, it’s kind of like having new growth over old abscesses.

As the Lord started to show these things to me, as I was trading my inner monologue for internal dialogue, He’d start to say, “My whole life was given so that you wouldn’t have consequences.” What? You mean I just sinned and I’m coming to You with so much guilt and shame trying to prove to You how sorry I am. And You want me to just be able to walk away unscathed, this affected nothing? It goes against everything I ever taught. Do you know how much time I’ve wasted trying to prove how sorry I was and didn’t know that it was okay to just receive forgiveness when I did something not perfect?

All I’m saying is, how many things are you believing that have just been a normal part of our society or a normal part of our lives that are not Kingdom? That aren’t God, that are not His truth for us at all? We get to choose to break that. So as the Lord would show it to me in my cognitive mind, I would say, “Wow, I break off and renounce the lie. And any verbiage that I’ve spoken out in my life, Lord, I ask that You would make it null and void.”

I was blown away when I found out the word responsible wasn’t even in the Bible. Stewardship is, but it’s a very, very different meaning. I’m not saying go be irresponsible. That’s not what I’m saying. We obviously still need to be responsible, pay our bills, raise our kids, do the right things. But how many of us get stuck in doing all the things that we have been taught were the responsible things to be a good Christian, instead of actually living under His Kingdom ways? We can just come and say, “Lord, I made a mess. I’m going to receive Your forgiveness. And I just ask, Lord, that You would be with me and teach me so next time this same situation comes around I make a better choice.”

You know, the idea that God’s not up there stressing out about my sin – there are areas that took a long time and struggles that weren’t immediately fixed. You tell me one person that you know that when they got saved, they never had a struggle, never had a problem, never had an issue. The truth is, our souls are wounded and we’re trying to bring them into alignment with our spirit that already knows Jesus and already knows the truth.

We need to break off these lies verbally – because the power of our words is intense, God teaches us that – and say, “Lord, I break off and renounce the lie that the hammer’s going to fall. I break off and renounce the lie that you don’t get something for nothing. I break off my root systems that aren’t Kingdom. I just want to learn your ways, Lord. What are You saying? This is what I’ve been taught, but what are You saying?”

I challenge you to ask the Lord, “Lord, what am I believing that I don’t even realize is a lie that isn’t part of your Kingdom? I want to break it off.” So let me pray for you today. Jesus, I just thank You that You love to show us Your ways when we’re willing to listen. Thank You when we’re willing to come to You as sons and daughters and say, “Lord, what do You want to show me today? What do You want to teach me today?” that You’re so willing to exchange our lies for your truth without consequence. We thank You for that Lord. I pray that there would be such grace over this today, that people that are hearing this – suddenly it will all start popping up in their minds, the things that they’re believing that aren’t really Kingdom, and they’ll be able to break it off in Jesus’ name. Amen.