Who Is The Holy Spirit?

Saturday, January 29th, 2022

He's here to help us with our everyday life, every aspect of our life, and He loves to do it. 
Lisa Van den Berg


Hi there. My name’s Lisa Van den Berg with The Ways Of Wisdom, and I want to welcome you to God Today. You know, there’s a question that is often asked in the church these days of, “Who is the Holy Spirit?” And there are many, many of us spread around the world that perhaps don’t know the Holy Spirit at the moment. We’re a bit confused about who He is and what He does. Is He for today? Was He just a, you know, a member of the Trinity that showed us what to do on earth back in the Old Testament? And sometimes in the New Testament, but like, that’s gone now and how do I talk to Him today? And that was my journey. I was confused about Him for a long time, and a lot of it was about, oh, other people in my church would say, “Oh, the Holy Spirit said this,” “The Holy Spirit did that,” and I’m like, I don’t hear, and I don’t know what He’s supposed to do. So I just started asking questions. Okay, who is He? Is He still for today? How is He relevant to my everyday life? 

And so, as I began to read through scripture and unpack that, I realized that one of the, He is one of the beautiful gifts of the Trinity. Now then, God is our Father, and seeing Him as my Dad helped me to understand Him as that. And Jesus is my Savior and Friend, and seeing Him as that helped me to understand His role, and then reading about the Holy Spirit and realizing that He is who Jesus left here to walk through every day with us. I just began to be intrigued. Wow! What could it look like to actually talk to Him each day as I’m getting ready for my day, as I’m putting my makeup on in the morning, as I’m making food, as I’m doing things with my husband, as I’m engaging with friends during the day, just the normal everyday stuff of life, what does it look like to go to work with the Holy Spirit? And as I began to ask these questions and that’s really the first key is being able to ask these questions, go, “Holy Spirit, show me who you are. Who are you? How are you relevant today? What can I talk to you about? What can I expect to hear from you?”  

As you engage with Him, you begin to understand that He is actually this gift of God with us every day in our lives. So I want to encourage you to open yourself up to hearing more from Him, to go investigating and finding, to go read scripture, go listen to podcasts, go speak to your friends who speak to Him and know Him more. Listen to sermons and find out more about Him. And then as you do, it’ll open you up to hear Him more, to speak to Him more, to engage with Him more, because that’s who He is. He’s here to help us with our everyday life, every aspect of our life, and He loves to do it. 

So let’s pray. Thank you. Holy spirit, for the beautiful gift of you being with us, that you delight. This is your job. This is what you’re here to do. You delight to be with us each moment of the day. Thank you that we get to hear you, and we get to talk with you. And I bless everyone watching. I bless you with the ability to hear the Holy Spirit, your ability to recognize Him when He speaks, your ability to engage with Him, to delight in Him. He has a wonderful sense of humor. He has a wonderful viewpoint on things. I bless you to have a beautiful deepening relationship with the Holy Spirit every single day in, Jesus’ Name, Amen.