The Mystery Of Healing And Miracles

Sunday, March 19th, 2023

...There's no way that my mind will ever comprehend what a miracle is.
Kate Barnidge


I had the most amazing revelation recently. I had been walking with Jesus long enough to have seen miracles in my own life and healing miracles in the world around me, but when I went on mission and saw 6,000 healing miracles in eight days with a team of 21 people in 82 churches, I really felt like my brain just stopped functioning.

I spent the next month after witnessing the miracles of the Lord at that level, I spent the next month just trying to scratch an itch that I couldn’t reach. I was studying and looking for where to put those things. And, even though I logistically or anatomically even understood that I couldn’t understand miracles and that I didn’t live where miracles lived, and that I wasn’t made of the same stuff that miracles were made of, I was still trying to fit it into a logical place. I was trying to compartmentalize it, I was trying to use my brain.

It took me about a month and I received a revelation from the Lord, and it just opened everything up and settled everything, and brought me so much peace, in which He told me there’s no way that my mind will ever comprehend what a miracle is. And I just want to bless you with that. I just want to bless you and declare over your life, opening and stepping out in faith into the wondrous workings of the Lord in His miracles and all that He does, in Jesus’ name.