Becoming Childlike in Our Faith

Wednesday, March 29th, 2023

...our kids, they have wisdom and they have the Holy Spirit, and they can be preaching to us during the day.
Lindsi Gross


My nine year old son preaches to me all the time, and God reminds me the things that come out of my little boy’s mouth are actually a word of encouragement for me as a mother. The other day, we were driving in the car and someone was not driving correctly, and we got on the topic of, you know, how to be safe driving in a car.  And, actually my older kids were in the car with me as well. So we were talking about how alcohol can affect the way that you drive and it’s dangerous.  And then all of a sudden, my son in the backseat says, “Yeah, like in the Bible when the disciples were in that place and the Holy Spirit came and people were speaking in tongues and the other people thought that they were drunk, but they weren’t, but they just had the Holy Spirit.”  I just thought, you know, can we read the Bible just like children sometimes and just go in and be like, “Wow! What an amazing story!”  Let’s not count the kids out.

You know, my son was actually looking at the Word of God with faith going, “This really happened,” and that’s something that we can learn from. And I just love his pure heart, how he looks at the Bible, he reads the Bible and he’s like, “Wow, God, that really happened!”  And he just takes it in with a pure heart.

You know, our kids, they have wisdom and they have the Holy Spirit, and they can be preaching to us during the day. So, watch your kids and ask the Holy Spirit, “Can you help me listen through what my kids are saying and what my kids are doing?” And let your kids minister to you.

Father, I thank you that children are like arrows in the hands of a warrior. God, I just pray for people right now who are feeling maybe stressed at home with their kids, there’s just a lot going on. God, I pray for those moments where it feels like heaven just opens over our hearts because of what our children are saying to us. And so, God, I just pray that you would bless our kids with encounters, that you would bless them with dreams. You said that young men will see visions and old men will dream dreams, that you’ll pour out your Spirit on all flesh, that our sons and our daughters would prophesy. So God, I just pray that over our kids right now and I pray that our hearts would be open to be ministered to by our kids. In Jesus’ name. Amen.