Give Your All To God

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2023

God will use anything we give to multiply it sevenfold, tenfold, over and over and over.
Chris Giddens


This past month has been our ‘Heart For The House’ month at Bethel Austin. We have just been blown away by not just the donations that have come in to see the vision of Bethel Austin and the reach we have, but also the declarations that people have been saying and declaring over the city of Austin, over this house, over the churches in Austin, and just the impact that Jesus is going to have in this city.

Part of my role in finance is that we look at all of the donation envelopes that come in every week. And through the ‘Heart For The House’, there is a special donation envelope that came in that has just rocked my world and brings me to tears. A gentleman in our church wrote on the envelope, “Here’s my name, my address is ‘homeless’, but I’m part of Austin, Texas,”  and he gave $2 and it says, “All I have because I’m homeless, but it’s all I have to give.”  And that just like humility, but that transparency of “this is where I’m at, but I am all in for Austin. I am all in for this house. I’m all in for God.” is just a reminder of how God will use anything we give to multiply it sevenfold, tenfold, over and over and over. It’s just like the story of the widow’s mite. Jesus said that what this woman gave is more than what any of you could have ever gave because she gave everything. And so I’m just blown away by this financial testimony of if you have $2 to give and you’re giving your everything, then God is going to use that seed to reach people.

So I just want to pray that if you feel like there is anything that you are incapable of doing, incapable of a seed sowing, don’t discredit what God can do. Don’t discredit what God will use to sow that seed and multiply it in wherever you choose to plant it, because even as a homeless person who just has the $2 to give, God is going to honor that $2 exponentially. So I blessed the finances in your life today, and I bless the favor on your life, because the favor on your life isn’t what you individually create and contribute and generate as far as income goes. It is what you get to co-generate and co-create with Jesus, because in that moment, God the Father, the One who created blessings and created favor and created financial resource in the first place, will take that, multiply it, and it will have a resonating impact beyond your imagination. So I bless that in Jesus’ name.