The Work Of The Holy Spirit

Wednesday, May 17th, 2023

God has sent the Holy Spirit to be with us, to lead us, to direct us, and to give us purpose.
Russell Benson


Hello GOD TV audience, my name is Russell Benson, I’m the International Director of Christ For All Nations. Do you ever feel in your life that you are just going around in circles, and you are doing so much and there’s so little result? I’ve got good news for you today. God has sent the Holy Spirit to be with us, to lead us, to direct us and to give us purpose.

I find it interesting in Genesis 4, it says that Cain left the presence of the Lord and went to Nod. That word ‘Nod’ means wandering. When we leave the presence of the Lord, we tend to just wander, spin in circles, so busy with so much, but with very little result. But, the good news I have for you today is that the Holy Spirit works in us and through us so we don’t have to wander. We don’t have to waste our time. We see Holy Spirit results.

I want to pray for you today, that you know the Holy Spirit and that we have His Spirit and that He will give us direction and lead us in our lives. Let me pray for you, Lord thank you for every viewer that is watching me and hears the sound of my voice. I thank you that you are leading them, that you are guiding them, that you are with them and directing them as we yield to you, precious Holy Spirit. In Jesus’ Name. Amen. God bless you today.