What Happens In Secret Comes Out

Friday, June 2nd, 2023

What you're doing in your secret place, it's going to come out here and there and wherever you're leading your life. 
Kristen Estes


Today I want to talk to you about “the secret place,” or that’s what it’s termed a lot, but really what it means is your time with the Lord. What is the private time and the relationship that you are cultivating with the Lord every single day? And this is something that, it’s called “the secret place,” because it’s actually something that you do in private. This isn’t something that you’re just skating off of something else that you’ve heard. This isn’t something that you are just pulling from every single book and every single teaching that you hear, but you are actually seeking the Lord for His direction in your life and for what He wants to speak to you.

I want to tell you, the Bible itself is so incredibly full of life. I started reading the Old Testament recently, and I’m just reading the Bible back to front. It’s taking me a long time to get through the Old Testament. And I thought, you know, as a Christian, I thought, okay, being in the Old Testament, you know, before Jesus would be kind of hard to get through, right? But the Old Testament points you so much to the truths that are even further revealed in the New Testament, right? Jesus was the fulfillment of the law. And you see that over and over and over and over in these living, breathing words. So I just want to encourage you in the secret place to get in your Bible and cultivate that for yourself. Especially if you’re someone who leads on a stage. Especially if you’re like me, you’re someone who is a worship leader, who, you know, part of what you do in secret really comes out on stage. And that’s not why we do it, but it is true that that’s what happens.

But I want to tell you what, even if you’re not on stage, it’s going to come out in every single area of your life. Literally in Matthew 12, these are the words of Jesus, “For out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.”  And that in context is actually to the religious of that day where He says, “How can you speak good, when you are evil? For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.”  And so even if you’re saying the right words, even if you’re doing the right things, people are going to feel your heart. And we don’t do things to please people, but it’s going to come out.  What you’re doing in your secret place, it’s going to come out here and there and wherever you’re leading your life.  And so I just want to encourage you, don’t do it for that reason, but know that what’s in secret doesn’t really necessarily stay in secret.

So, you might as well just cultivate that relationship. But I also want to encourage you to just do it for you. You know, the Lord tells us in His prayer, “Give us this day our daily bread.”  Do you know who our daily bread is?  He is our daily bread! He is literally what we are feasting on day after day. You know, He says, whoever drinks of Him will never be thirsty, right? He literally wants to replenish us before we do anything else in this life. And so I just want to encourage you to seek Him for that, okay?

Yes, what I said is true; it’s going to come out no matter what, but seek Him for sustenance. He’s the only One who will satisfy you. He’s the only One who will truly give you exactly what you need in this life. And His promises are for you, His promises to give you peace, to give you comfort, to give you understanding, to give you all that you need to function day to day and stay holy day to day are there for you. So please seek Him out.

And I bless you in your time to not be distracted, to start making His priorities your priorities. And I pray that you feel an intimacy and a communion with the Lord today that you haven’t felt in such a long time. I pray that the Holy Spirit would just fall wherever you are, that you would feel Him drawing close to you, and you would know exactly how you are to seek Him today and feel an inspired plan for how you should practically seek Him this season. Amen.