Get Back Up Again

Sunday, June 18th, 2023

God has a way of taking our tragedy and turning it into a triumph.
Reggie Dabbs


Hello, GOD TV, family, friends, supporters. It’s good to be with you again. My name is Reggie Dabbs. Did you know the great Michael Jordan, Chicago Bulls, all these championships, they said that Michael Jordan missed five shots his entire pro career? Oh, I’m sorry. Let me break that down. 543,201 shots. He missed over half a million shots. No one remembers that. All we remember are the slam dunks, the fadeaway jumpers, the holding the trophies, the putting up of the number of trophies that he’s won.

Nobody remembers the failures. Everybody remembers the achievements and you know what? If Michael Jordan had never shot the ball, he wouldn’t be the Michael Jordan that we know today.

So, in life, if you stumble and fall, get back up again. And you know what? If you’re like, “I can’t move on,” I found out that love can do everything, and greater love hath no man than he lay down his life for a friend. Jesus’ love can get you up after every missed shot. Jesus’ love can get you through every tough situation. Just let Him help you today and all you have to do is ask, “Jesus, help me. Jesus, I missed again. Jesus, I messed up again. But Jesus, you’re there. So, take my failure and make it a triumph.” Because you know what, GOD TV? God has a way of taking our tragedy and turning it into a triumph, and He can do that for you today. In Jesus’ name. And everybody say, “Amen.”