Healing From The Presence Of God

Friday, September 8th, 2023

His presence has the ability to change everything. 
Joaquin Evans


Hi, my name is Joaquin Evans, Senior Leader at Bethel Austin, and I’d like to welcome you to God Today. You know, I’d just like to take a few minutes and talk about God, His presence and healing from His presence. I love, love, love the presence of God, but the reason I love the presence of God is because the reality is that His presence is actually Him. 

You know, and sometimes in Christian circles, we talk about His presence in different ways, but over time it actually begins to feel like His presence is really just a side attribute or a side nature or something that happens, on the side, on the periphery. And we lose the reality that His presence is actually Him. It’s actually the King of kings and the Lord of lords moving in or invading the space that we’re in. It’s Him sharing Himself with us. When we begin to realize this, we begin to realize there is no such thing as a little bit of God. If you are experiencing a thimble full of the presence of God, then that in itself is enough to change the world. God simply spoke and the world was created. All we need is a little bit of Him in that regards. His presence has the ability to change everything. 

Let me share this one thing with you. In the years when I was leading the Healing Rooms in Bethel Redding, God spoke to me one time and He asked me this question, and He said, “Am I just the Healer to you?” And I was confounded by that question because we know that the Bible says that He’s the Healer. And so I responded with that, “Well, God, the Bible says, You’re the Healer, but since You’re asking the question, what are You saying?” And then He followed it up with, “Am I just the Healer to you? Or am I healing?” And in that moment, this lightbulb came on and I began to realize that healing isn’t just something that God has to do. It’s not an action. It’s not something therefore that we need to ask Him to do this time or this time, or do we pray enough to see Him do it this time? I began to realize that God Himself is healing. That God, a better way to say it is a He’s the perfect manifestation of fullness or health and where He is, sickness and disease aren’t. 

So when His presence comes, that’s not the time that we now need to ask Him to do something. That’s the time we need to grow our reality of Who has just come into our presence into our environment. It is health, and now we don’t need to twist His arm or beg or ask Him to do something He already is or health already is there. Healing is there. Now sickness just has to go. And we, in that place, we just speak to sickness and disease and infirmity, and we command it to leave. That where His presence goes, sickness can’t stay. Again, His presence changes everything. We just need to get in this place to learn how to invite Him to come, to get out of the way and let Him be God in our midst.

I love to tell people that He’s much better at His job than we are at ours. I just want to pray for you, that that God would awaken this desire to know His presence in a fresh way. That,  if there was a measure of a thimble full of God, so to speak, that that in itself would be enough to change the world. How much of God, how much of His presence do you have? Because there is no such thing as a little bit, and you can’t compare yourself to, to a neighbor say, well, they have more than me. No, if you have a trickle full it’s enough to change the world. Maybe we just need to turn up the dial on our appreciation for what we already have so that He can move mightily through His presence.

Father, I thank you for every listener and that I pray right now that You would release a grace and a gift of appreciation for the measure of the presence that we already have. And Father, we know that what we give thanks for in the Kingdom increases. So out of that place of thanksgiving, You’re only going to give more and then more and then more, and Father, I thank you for the reality that You are not just the Healer, but You are healing. And God, I pray that even right now on that revelation, that bodies would be healed, Father in Jesus name. Yeah, that arthritis would disappear and Your miracle nature would touch all kinds of infirmities right now and that they would leave bodies in Jesus’ Name. And I thank you for that, Father in Jesus’ Name, Amen.