God Speaks Through Dreams

Saturday, September 9th, 2023

If you are a believer, you are filled with the Holy Spirit, therefore you can properly interpret your dreams.
Carl Wesley Anderson


Hello, I’m Carl Wesley Anderson. I am both an equipping evangelist and a documentary filmmaker from Born To Blaze Ministries here in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.  A warm greeting to our God Today audience. So excited to be back with you, sharing. How does the Lord speak to us? Well, He’s speaking today, or could I say speaking tonight because I’m going to talk now about dreams. Hang on. Let’s, let me take a quick sleep and quick nap. Okay, I got one. So I’m going to talk to you now about how easy it is for you to receive a dream and interpret that dream. Dreams are for today. Let me, first of all, define this for you from love speaks. What are dreams? Dreams are subconscious pictures from the Holy Spirit, which flow from your inner redeemed spirit and through your mind as you rest. So very cool. So a dream is very simply like a movie or like some motion picture scene or something really cool where the Lord is leading you. And oftentimes, although they can be literal, oftentimes they are symbolic. 

Now let me share with you this great Scripture from Acts 2, where Peter is declaring the words of Joel, the prophet, who talks about the Last Days. And they began on the day of Pentecost and they stretch all the way through the Church Age. And tonight, the Lord just might be speaking to you because He says here, “Your young men shall see visions and your old men will dream dreams.” Well, that’s not really talking about just young men and old men. The prophet here is using special language. He paints a broad brush stroke, a big painting of a picture. And he’s basically saying, I’m going to be speaking, the Holy Spirit, speaking through visions, visions and dreams to all people, young and old male and female. All of you are filled with the Spirit. All of you can receive visions and dreams. Now dreams happen at night. I think the Father often speaks to us this way because our conscious mind is in a sense, switched off and we’re open. And He comes to us in these pictures and like little illustrated movements and moments. And there’s these symbols in there. And so, you know, my first encouragement is you have to know your Bibles, know the Word of God, because often there’ll be symbolic language in the dreams, which lead us to the truth of the Word of God. But all of you can receive a dream. The key is, are you filled with the Holy Spirit? If you are a believer, you are filled with the Holy Spirit, therefore you can properly interpret your dreams. You say, is God speaking to everybody around the world all the time and dreams? Yea!. But can everybody around the world properly know how to interpret those dreams? No, you need the Interpreter who is the Holy Spirit within you. And you need to know the Word of God, because the Lord is speaking to you in a sense through the Living Word of that dream. 

A famous dream and salvation history was of course the dream of St. Patrick St. Patrick, if you aren’t aware, it was not even Irish. He was a Roman citizen from England taken captive as a boy to Ireland. He escaped his captivity. He came back to England or Wales or wherever he was from, we’re not quite sure. He got trained in ministry, and then one night he has a dream. Now in the dream, his captors from Ireland are there on the shores and they are inviting him. Beckoning him, come back to us, holy boy, and bring us the truth. Essentially, it’s what the dream was saying. He awoke and realized God was calling him as an evangelist to go back to the very people that once held him captive, to sow his whole life as a ransom for them, in a sense, and sacrifice life to bring them the good news of Jesus Christ. The whole mission to Ireland, which began hundreds of years of evangelists being sent forth to penetrate the darkness with the light was all began by God sending a dream. Wow!

I had a dream recently where I was in this, around this street and there were these homes for sale and they kind of looked Lord Of The Rings like. They were all really cool designs. Each one had a unique design. I remember feeling peace and joy. And I was like, oh, I wonder what it’d be like to live in that one. Or, I wonder it would be like to live in that one. And I woke with this sense of joy and peace. Well, I brought this to a friend of mine who interprets dreams and she prayed over it and she realized, do you know what was happening there? You were actually in Heaven and you were being shown The, the, the eternal realms were visiting you and God was showing you Heaven. God was inviting you, and she says, maybe you’re going to live in all five of those houses, who knows? For eternity. But, the idea was Heaven was visiting earth for me. And I was going to experience the Presence of God, and boy, since that dream, the increase of the anointing has been strong. 

Let me pray for you now that you can have a dream tonight. Very simple prayer. Father in the Name of the Lord, Jesus Christ, I ignite the faith of each person watching, that tonight, they can activate their faith and expect that Father, You will visit them by the power of the Holy Spirit and through the Word, Jesus Christ in their dreams. Lord, I pray for an impartation of fresh dreams in the Name of Jesus beginning tonight, all this week, the weeks to come. May you experience the Presence of God in your dreams, and may you have the discernment of the Spirit to know how to interpret them in Jesus’ name, Amen.