Final Jeopardy

Sunday, October 15th, 2023

Nothing could be more perilous than missing out on what I was put onto the earth for.
Robert Henderson


Hi, my name is Robert Henderson. I am with Robert Henderson Ministries and Global Reformers that I lead. This is God Today. The Lord spoke to me and said in a dream that we are in a season of final jeopardy. “Jeopardy” is a game show on American TV. The whole issue is that people risk money to answer a question. If they get it right they make more money, if they get it wrong they lose money. The Lord said that we are in a season of final jeopardy where the decisions are being made right now that will determine the destiny of their lives for years to come.

In Numbers 13, we find that children of Israel coming to the bored of the land of Canaan. They were being allowed by God, impressed by God to move over into the Promised Land. The problem was they believed the lies of the enemy more than they believed the word of God. There is something called “crisis” that we need to understand. Crisis in the Latin actually means “dangerous opportunity”. That literally it is a danger, but if you make the right decisions in that opportune moment, in spite of the danger, you move into the new realms God has for you. This is where the children of Israel were, they were in a dangerous opportunity. The problem is, all they could see was the danger – they couldn’t see the opportunity. They let the danger outweigh the opportunity.

You see, we by faith have to see the opportunity that God is presenting to us. In these moments of final jeopardy, when we are making decisions, and waging things, takings risks that God will lead us into, we can begin to set the tone God has for us for many, many years to come. The decisions being made right now will determine our destiny. I want to declare to you, today, don’t be so afraid of the danger that you don’t step out into faith and believe God and make decisions that will let you move into the purpose and the destiny that you are actually created for. Nothing could be more perilous than missing out on what I was put onto the Earth for.

Let me pray for you. Father, I want to ask right now, in the name of Jesus, that there would be a spirit of faith that would come that would let us, in this moment of final jeopardy, make decisions that will allow us to come into the purpose and the destiny we were created for. Let a spirit of faith arise in the hearts of your people, that we might move into all that you made us for. We thank you for that, Lord. In Jesus’ name. Amen.