God Cares About The Details

Monday, October 16th, 2023

He's listening, He caress, and He's a God who multiplies.
Lindsi Gross


I have a testimony about how God showed us where to live. We lived in California and we were moving to Austin, Texas. I had never really been here before. I didn’t know what neighborhoods were good. I didn’t know what schools were good. And so I just started praying and I actually made a list of the things that I would love to have in a home.

One of the things that was on my list was fruit trees in the backyard. And so, we came to Austin, we looked at three houses, and the third house that we looked at had everything on the inside that was on my list. But then I looked outside and there were three fruit trees; a fig tree, a kumquat tree, and a lemon tree. And I was like, this is the house. Like I just know. It’s beautiful inside and I love that it has the fruit trees on the outside. I’d never had fruit trees in my yard before, and I feel like that dream was actually inspired by the Holy Spirit as I was praying, because never before would I think, oh, I really want fruit trees in my backyard.

We’ve lived there over five years now, and actually a couple of the trees died during a freeze that we had. So the kumquat tree died, the fig tree died, but then the fig tree started growing back. And then the kumquat tree, my husband replaced it. He got an idea to replace it with another fruit tree. And then he started getting into gardening. And now I’m looking in my backyard and God told me, He’s like, “I have multiplied what you asked for in the first place.”  And so the things that died and didn’t come back, were replaced.

I feel like God just wants to remind us that He multiplies. When we sow, we reap. And I just look in my backyard now and my husband has put in so many fruit trees, and I just know that God is on this. Yes, we had a desire for something. We needed to live somewhere. Gardening is fun, but I feel like God, He’s on the things that we love, like He inspires us and He cares about the details in our life.

So I just release a blessing over you today to really just pray into what you want, and ask the Father for the things that you desire. He’s listening, He caress, and He’s a God who multiplies. So I bless you with that in Jesus’ name.