The Wound In His Side

Monday, October 23rd, 2023

Do you need healing? Do you need provision? Do you need the Lord to come to touch the wounds of your heart?
Jeff Struss


Hi, this is Jeff Struss, Senior Pastor of Life Center Lynchburg and Director for Clear River Network. This is God Today. I had an encounter with the Lord just a few weeks ago and I’d like to share it with you. I was in the moment of intense prayer, seeking the Lord in a hotel room about a direction in our ministry that I was feeling stirred to take. I found myself on the ground, just seeking the Lord as His presence was washing over me. The atmosphere inside of my room started to change. It felt like the molecules inside the room became electrified. I stood up weeping, feeling the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ in my hotel room.

I heard Him say something to me I had never heard Him say before. It changed my life and it’ll change yours too. He said, “Jeff, put your hand in my side.” I don’t know what to do. I was weeping. I just was shaking in fear, I stretched my hand forward. I heard Him say this. He said, “Jeff, everything you need is in my body.” I began to realize something. There is a wound in the side of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

That reminded me that He said that to someone else. He said it to Thomas in John 27. He said, “Reach here with your finger and see the scars. Reach here with your hand and put it inside of my side.” He followed up, He said, “Believe. Don’t be unbelieving any longer.”

Beloved, I got the revelation there is a wound in the side of our Lord Jesus Christ. You and I have access. We can reach our hand inside of that wound. Inside of His pierced body for whatever we need. What do you need today? Do you need more faith? Reach out and grab it. Do you need healing? Do you need provision? Do you need the Lord to come to touch the wounds of your heart? Beloved, there is an opening in His side. Reach out right now. Touch it and grab it.

That revelation changed my life. Just like Thomas, you and I can reach out our hand inside of the body of the Lord Jesus Christ, and get exactly what we need. I want to pray for you today for whatever you need: peace, direction, healing, miracles. Whatever you need. More of God – you can get it right now. Put your hands out in front of you like you would receive a gift. I want to pray for you.

Lord Jesus, I thank you for your piercing, the piercing of your body. I thank you for the wound in your side, the opening that you created for us to get exactly what we need. Lord, I pray just for the nearness of your presence to fall on each person watching this video. Lord, I pray that they would feel the faith and they would doubt no longer, but they would have the faith to reach out and get exactly what they need. I thank you for healing, miracles, provision. Everything they need coming to them now. In Jesus’ name. Amen and amen. May God richly bless you.