Unexpected Blessings

Friday, November 10th, 2023

What is your heart needing? You need a home? You need rest? You need provision?
Deborah Manchac


Hi. I want to share with you a testimony about how I have my dream home, how God gave me my dream home.  I didn’t have anything, nothing. Not good credit score. Not any money saved up, nothing. I mean, Covid just happened. I was battling a lot of things that I was needing a lot of healing from. God was in the middle. I was in the process of healing from mental illness and from a lot of other trauma and difficult things that happened in my life. There was so much going on all at the same time. It was kind of even hard to even picture, to even want or ask for a dream home. It didn’t even feel right that it was time for that. But I remember breaking down on a mattress on the floor in a home that we were sharing with my husband’s family, because of all of us were going through it with Covid and we didn’t have jobs and all the things.

I barely had a car and I just threw myself on the mattress, exhausted. We were living with multiple families and kids and all that. And I just sat in there like, and I could almost, not almost, I heard God’s voice. I say almost, because it was my first time that I was really hearing His voice clearly. And I heard Him, I heard Him say, “What do you want, babe?” I just knew it was like that Daddy voice. “What do you want, babe? What do you want?”  And you know, I call my daughter babe sometimes. I’m like, “Hey, baby, or hey babe,” like, “come here.” And I just felt that, and I didn’t second guess it. Usually, I’m like, okay, is this not the time to be asking for a house right now. I just need rest or I need healing. No, but something came out of me and I was like, “I just want a home. I want my own home. God, I want my family to have a place to rest. Call our own. I’m ready for a home.”  It just came out of me. I just asked, and He knew it was the perfect time to ask. Our Daddy knows. He’s like, okay, she’s exhausted, she is tired. She’s so ready for change. I’m asking now. He asked me and He got a real response. He didn’t get the fluffy like, if you want me to have it, God. No. I was like, “I just want a home.”

I asked in pure faith, even if it was a mustard seed, it was the full mustard seed. I asked God. And all of a sudden, the next day I felt led to fast. I fasted, and before the fast was even over that day, my husband got a call, which led to him getting a job, to us leaving that town to go to a dream town we actually always wanted to live in. We lived there. We got a home without having good credit, without having anything, God just did the miracle one after the other, and gave me this dream home one year after I made that prayer.

And so, I want to encourage you and let you know that God can do anything. When He says mustard seed, that’s what He means. He just means all that you have. It doesn’t mean half faith, it doesn’t mean wavering faith. Mustard seed is that if the only thing you have is I just want a home out of exhaustion, but you really are asking out of faith, that is all He needs. He just needs your full trust in Him.

And so I pray that for you. I pray that you have that moment with Him of like, “Baby, what do you want?” What is your heart needing? You need a home? You need rest? You need provision? You don’t always have to push and yell and declare. You can just speak and ask your Daddy that loves you and listens in heaven. I hope and pray this for you. Amen.