Identifying Soul Beliefs

Wednesday, February 21st, 2024

This sent me on a journey that radically changed me from being a highly functioning Christian, to a fully accepted and adored daughter.
Tammy Hernandez


Hi, I’m Tammy Hernandez, author of Soul Beliefs: Removing The Obstacles That Prevent Breakthrough And Intimacy With God. Welcome to God Today. I want to share with you something that happened to me about eight or so years ago. Here I was, a totally committed Jesus lover. I knew the word, I was even being used by God. I was all in. And because I had experienced a very traumatic childhood, I had been through years of inner healing and even deliverance. I would say I was a totally committed sold-out believer. I loved Jesus with all my heart. However, after almost 30 years of walking with Jesus, everything kind of collapsed for me. I was at a prophetic conference when a gentleman stood up and he was testifying about how, when his 14 year old boy had been in the hospital and the doctors told him that there was no hope, there was nothing more that they could do. But you know what? This father was convinced that his boy was going to be healed. He knew he was going to walk out of that hospital with his son. So when his son died, the father got on top of him and he breathed life into his boy. But sadly, his son did not survive. Something inside of me snapped. Here I went from hearing from God and seeing Him move, to being so enraged, I couldn’t even think straight. And there’s a whole lot more to this story, but to summarize it, while I was giving God my not so nice earful, I saw a vision and it was so real. It was like an open vision, and from that vision and what subsequently happened, God showed me that I had what I call hidden soul beliefs.

This sent me on a journey that radically changed me from being a highly functioning Christian, to a fully accepted and adored daughter. He revealed to me that even though I said He was a good Father, my soul had not been convinced. And this blew my mind because I knew the word. I had a relationship with Jesus. I quoted the scriptures and I even sang with all my heart, “You’re a good, good Father.” But through that experience, He revealed to me that I had some startling beliefs that were hiding in my soul. And the entire time I was a sold out, mature believer. He showed me that I sometimes thought, “You know what? You promise a lot, but you don’t deliver.” He showed me that even though I loved Him with all my heart, I doubted His goodness. I wasn’t convinced that He was good all the time. What was my response when He showed me this? Well, at first it was like, “You know what? Not me, God, of course I trust you. I love you with all my heart.” And you know what? I really did believe that I trusted Him, but the fear that was hidden in my heart, it was indicating otherwise. But the moment that I started to face some of the negative soul beliefs that were hiding in my soul, chains that I didn’t even know I had, started to fall off. My committed relationship became an ooey, gooey one. God wants intimacy with us. And let me encourage you, that if you are not experiencing that, ask Him why. Don’t settle for living a simply religious committed life, because He even wants to satisfy your soul.

Let’s pray. I pray that you would take us to new levels of intimacy with you. I ask you to remove the negative soul beliefs that might be hidden, so that we can experience your great love, and that we can walk more intimately with you like sons and daughters. Walk with you without shame, and rejection, and doubt, and legalism, and performance mentalities, and fearing. I thank you for it in Jesus’ Name. Amen.