The Word and Agreement

Wednesday, March 13th, 2024

If you believe in Jesus, there is one standing before you that will come into agreement with you.
Jeffrey Levinson


Hi, I’m Jeffrey Levinson and welcome to God Today.  Today I’d like to speak to you about the word and agreement.  You know, we all have words spoken over us from time to time.  Perhaps you go to the doctor and the doctor gives you a word like, “You have cancer. Diabetes. Heart disease.”  And then there are words spoken over us like, “You’ll never amount to anything.  You’re not smart enough, you can’t have that.”  

We come into agreement in many ways. One way is verbally.  So, the doctor tells you-you have cancer or diabetes and you go tell your friend, “The doctor just said I have cancer.  The doctor just said I have diabetes.”  You’re coming into agreement with that word.  Then that person goes and tells other people, “Jeffrey has cancer or diabetes.” And more people are coming into agreement with that word.  Then there is non-verbal agreement, there is complicit agreement.  Maybe in your life growing up or at some point in your life, someone said, “You’ll never amount to anything. You’re not smart enough.  You can’t have that.”  But you’ve never rebuked it.  You haven’t told people – that’s not something you’re going to tell somebody on.  By not rebuking it you’re coming into agreement with that word.  That word is settled on your life.  

I’m here to tell you today that in John it says, “In the beginning was the word. And the word was with God.  And the word is God.”  And then in Matthew, it says, “When one or more come into agreement, there in Heaven it shall be done.”  I’m here to tell you that if you believe in Jesus there is one standing before you that will come into agreement with you.  If you hear the word, “I have cancer.”  Then you say, “Jesus, I don’t receive that word – thank you doctor – Jesus I don’t receive that word.”  He’s going to come into agreement, right into Heaven with you.  Or if you’ve never broken a word off you like, “You’re not smart enough you’ll never attain that.”   Then I ask you now: break it off your life.  Break it off your life.  “I am smart enough.  I can have anything because God loves me.”

You know, there’s so much more for you in your life that these things shouldn’t be holding you back.  God wants the best for you.  Let me pray for you now.  In Jesus’ name, Father, whoever is watching this, whoever has had a word spoken over them that wasn’t right, that didn’t seem right, that was against what God has for them, I come into agreement with them that it is not to be.  If anyone has something hovering over their life or words spoken and they’ve never rebuked it, I ask them and I rebuke it with them.  In Jesus’ name.  God Bless you, make this your best day ever.  God bless. Shalom.