Increasing Our Testimonies

Wednesday, March 27th, 2024

God gives everyone...eyes to see the small things, the good thing that God is doing in your lives. And eyes to celebrate them as a child.
Dave Harvey


Hi, I am Dave Harvey, the Director of Increase Testimonies, and welcome to God Today. Did you know testimonies are like seeds? And when we share them continually with others, we plant them in their lives and they grow into giant trees. Testimonies don’t just happen again, but they increase in size.


I love the testimony in the Bible where Jesus gives a challenge to His disciples. He says, “Hey, I want you guys to feed these 5,000 people.” The disciples flipped out. They couldn’t believe it. Not even a year’s salary would cover enough food to feed this crowd. 


And then, one of the disciples brings a little boy and he has 5 loaves and 2 fish. Jesus immediately becomes like a child and celebrates it. The Bible says that “He thanked God for these 5 loaves and 2 fish.” When we look up the meaning of the word “thanked” it means He gave praise and He celebrated.

Jesus celebrated that testimony and then He blessed what God had given Him. And then the Bible says, “They distributed it amongst the crowd. And 5,000 people were fed that day. With 12 baskets leftover.” I want to tell you – when we celebrate our testimonies, not only do they happen again, but they increase in size. 


It’s time to celebrate the testimonies in your life. You know, we saw this happen in our home group that we were running. When a young man said, “I have a testimony. I had a dream last night that lost things were being returned. We celebrated that and had him pray.” The next week, 3 people put their hands up. One young man said, “I have a testimony from that dream that was released last week.” He said, “We had lost a key for our university dorm. But we had also lost our turtle for 6 months.” He said, “But after that prayer, a few days later, out from under one of our counters, crawled the turtle. And the next day we found our university key.”


Another person put their hand up and said, “I have a testimony. Our house was burglarized last week. And coming to the home group today, on the way here we looked in our neighbor’s garage and there was all of our stuff. Hanging out of their garage. So we knocked on the door. And it read to the beautiful owner of that property not only returning our stuff but giving her life to Jesus.”


Then another boy raised his hand and said, “I have a testimony! My father and I had a fall-out. And he, despite me, gave my inheritance away to my cousin, early. Well, after that prayer was released, a few days later, my cousin called me and said, ‘Hey, this is blood money. And I am giving back your inheritance.’ I got my inheritance back,” he said.


Today, I want to pray for your eyes. I want to pray that God gives every one of you childlike eyes. Eyes to see the small things, the good thing that God is doing in your lives. And eyes to celebrate them as a child. And believe for Him to do it again.


Father, I thank you for everyone who is watching. That you would touch their eyes. God, I pray for childlike eyes, for eyes that see the small things, the good things, the gifts from heaven in their lives. And I pray for a spirit of celebration. A childlike celebration to break out. That they would thank you for what you are doing and believe for you not only to do it again but to increase it in people’s lives around them. God bless them, in Jesus’ name. Amen.