Pour Your Alabaster Box On Jesus

Friday, April 12th, 2024

Worship will fill a whole atmosphere. Worship will fill your situation.
Jenny Weaver


Hi, I’m Jenny Weaver from Jenny Weaver Worships, and welcome to God Today. I want to encourage you with one of my favorite stories out of the Bible. And it’s the story of the woman with the alabaster box. I really love this story, and I want to tell you my version of it. This is how I see it. We have Jesus and the disciples and these men of great importance and they’re all meeting together and they’re in this room. Back in the day, women just weren’t allowed to just interrupt and come in and sit with the men. The only time they were really allowed in the room was when they were serving the food.

So here’s this woman and she has this beautiful alabaster box – this beautiful anointing, this fragrance. I imagine her preparing it in her home and being so touched by the life and ministry of Jesus Christ that she purposes in her heart, “I am going to pour this out on Jesus, no matter what it costs me, no matter how it looks.” So she begins to make her way to meet Jesus. She begins to press her way through knowing, “Hey, I’m going to be breaking rules. I’m going to be breaking tradition. I’m going to be upsetting the religious people of the day.” I believe that she really just throws all that aside and says, “I’ve got to pour this out on Jesus.”

She comes into this room and they’re all sitting and they’re talking, and it’s of great importance, and you just don’t do this. She just doesn’t even care. She runs straight up to Jesus. She gets at the feet of Jesus and she begins to pour out every bit of that anointing oil, every bit of her worship on to God, her whole heart. She goes, “I’m going to give all of this to Jesus today.” The beautiful thing is, her worship, that fragrance fills the whole room. The Bible says that the fragrance filled the whole room.

Worship will fill a whole atmosphere. Worship will fill your situation. The people that were around were upset by this. Jesus says, “This woman’s story will go on throughout all the generations for what she has done here for Me today.” The Lord will honor your worship. The Lord will honor the purity of your heart.

Whatever you’re going through today, I’ve learned this in my life. When I begin to just pour out unto Jesus, when I begin to just cry out unto God in any situation, God will move mightily. You know, worship will shift and change your atmosphere and your situation. So I want to encourage you – don’t be moved by your situation and by that mountain, but move that mountain and that situation with your worship today. Pour out your alabaster box unto Jesus. He’s waiting, and He will receive it with gladness. I’m Jenny Weaver. And this is God Today.