The God of Restoration

Thursday, April 18th, 2024

Our God is a God of restoration. He wants you to be able to pray with them and support them.
Rabbi Scott Sekulow


Shalom, I’m Rabbi Scott Sekulow of Congregation Beth Adonai and welcome to God Today. You know, one of my favorite stories in the Bible is Acts 3.  Where John and Peter are walking into the temple and they see the lame man over in the distance.  Knowing that he is going to ask for something, you can imagine them looking at each other going, “John, do you have any sheckles?” And he says, “No”.  He goes, Neither do I.”  When they walk up to him, they give him something more.  They said, “Silver and gold we have not.  But in the name of Yeshua, get up and walk.”  What happens?  He has full restoration.  How do we relate to that today?  What about that man on the street that you see that comes up shaking those coins at your window asking for money?  How can we give him more than just temporary fix?

Our God is a God of restoration.  He wants you to be able to pray with them and support them.  But, it’s not only them, how about your friends at school, at work?  Maybe they are going through a hard time.  Maybe they are going through marital issues or financial issues.  You can pray with them that prayer.  To give them not only what they need temporarily, but for God to completely restore them.

The scripture goes on to say that he went into the temple and rejoiced.  But, the amazing thing is that that was the first time he was able to go in because as a cripple he, unfortunately, wouldn’t have been able to get into the temple.  When the people there saw him, they were amazed.  It goes on to tell us that same day because of that situation, many got saved.  Not only can you help your friend in need, but you can help those watching, those who are looking on at the situation.  Because our God is a God of restoration.  Something to think about.  Let’s pray.  Abba, Father, we just come before you right now.  Lord, we ask that you put people in our lives today.  Lord, those who need your word, who need your restoration.  Lord, let them be fully restored.  Let them, in the name of our Messiah (Yeshua), stand up and walk to be able to praise your name.  We ask this in His precious name.  Amen.