You Are Not Your Thoughts

Sunday, January 31st, 2021

Because that fear is the intimidation of the enemy because he is afraid of what I am about to go do to his kingdom. So, never back off.
Robby Dawkins


Hi, I am Robby Dawkins with Robby Dawkins Ministries and I am excited to be with you on God Today. This is an opportunity for all of us to really see God show up more than ever before in our lives and to really see something happen where we think it is impossible to happen. A lot of that is because of how we feel. 


So many people have said to me, “You know what? I would do the stuff you do, Robby, I am just too fearful. I am too fearful of a person. Or I am too this of a person.” I have had young men and women say, “I would do what you do but I sin too much, I struggle with lust too much, or I struggle with this too much.” I tell them all the time, “Would you do me a favor? Stop agreeing with the devil. Because what you are thinking is what you feel is who you are. Let me tell you something, what you feel is not who you are.”  


I have done a lot of outreach in the homosexual community in Chicago, where I pastored a church for 17.5 years. One of the things that a lot of people would tell me is, “You don’t understand. I have had these feelings since I was a child. I have been attracted to the same sex since I was a child.” And I would say, “Wait a minute. Are all your feelings you? Or can Satan put feelings in you? Can Satan put thoughts in you?” Well, if he can, those are what Paul identifies as the fiery darts of the enemy. And what does he say? You have to take those thoughts and take them captive to the will of God.


I discovered this one day when all of a sudden I was going to a witchcraft festival. I was going to do ministry with a friend of mine. We were staging together at a church and we had a small team and we were going to go and do ministry at this witchcraft festival.


Now, that is a pretty crazy place to go, right? As we were going, All of a sudden, my friend asked me as we met at the church. He comes up to me and goes, “Robby, when you woke up this morning, what did you feel?” I said, “Oh, Chris, I felt sheer terror. I felt terror, I was almost paralyzed in fear.” And he goes, “I know, so was I. It is going to be a great day!” And I said, “I know!” We realized the feelings we were feeling – they don’t belong to us. Those were fiery darts from the enemy. Satan was projecting his fear about what he feels about us going into his territory and bringing people out of his clutches. He is projecting his fear onto us, about us doing the ministry to keep us away from causing his kingdom collateral damage.


If we would have yielded to that fear, and not gone – there were a lot of people that day that ended up experiencing the love and the power of Jesus Christ, and healing. And they gave their lives to Christ. But if we would have yielded to that fear, we would have handed that situation and those incredible testimonies over to the enemy, when they were there to be brought to Jesus, as His glory, for His glory, and for His honor.


So, what I told the friend when I would minister in those places in Chicago, I would say, “Recognize that feeling as not from you, but from Satan. Therefore, it is not your feeling, but it is him trying to distract you from the things God wants to use you for.” And how do we take that thought captive? That’s not me. Why? Because Jesus says, “I am more than a conqueror through Christ.” Jesus says, “I have made you to be an overcomer. I have made you to be victorious.” That is who Christ has made us to be.


Instead of responding with what we feel, as soon as I feel fear, I am like, “Yes! Amen.” Because that fear is the intimidation of the enemy because he is afraid of what I am about to go do to his kingdom. So, never back off. Never back away when you have those experiences that come and the enemy intimidates you back. That is the time, my friends, to step up. That is how you take that thought and make it captive and yield to the will of God.


I am so glad of all the testimonies that are going to come out of this as you apply that. Thanks for being with me today. And today is a good day for you. This is God Today.