How to Pray the Lord’s Presence

Saturday, December 10th, 2022

What's important is that we do what God wants to do at the time that He wants to do it, because it's then that the Kingdom of God moves in a powerful way. 
Peggy Pohl


Hi, my name is Peggy Pohl with the GOD TV team, and I’d like to welcome you to God Today. I was thinking about what to share today, and the Lord started talking to me about His presence and how to pray His presence. And I didn’t know how to do this. I had no understanding of it and I get the privilege and the honor to pray over people all the time. And as I was praying, one day over this lady, this young lady, the Lord said, “Don’t say anything.” And for me, that was different because I’m always asking, you know, “How can I pray for you? How can I help you?” And then the first thing I want to do is I want to pray scripture that matches whatever they need prayer for. And I grabbed her hand and I got ready to pray, and she had told me what was going on, um, the burden that she was under. And I was getting ready to pray for her, and the Holy Spirit stopped me. He said, “I don’t want you to do that today.” And I said, “What do you mean, you don’t want me to do that today?” He said, “I want you to just follow Me today.” And I said, “Okay.” And so I just, He said, “Speak in, speak in the Spirit, speak in tongues.” And so I started speaking in tongues, very gently, not loud; her and I were the only two that could hear it. And as I started to speak, the presence of the Lord just started to fall and it consumed us. And I felt like I was completely being consumed by the presence of God. And the more I prayed, the deeper the anointing went. And then God told me, He said, “Be quiet.” And I said, “Okay, I’ll be quiet.” And I got really quiet. I didn’t pray anymore. I didn’t do anything. I just held onto her hand. And we just were basking in the presence of the Lord. And He was ministering to her and to me, and at a level that was higher than anything that I’ve ever known. And I’ve done that since, when the Lord instructs me to. And it’s always, always, always the same outcome: a deep, deep presence of the Lord, a deep, deep move of God upon not only me, but upon the person as well.

I remember the first time that it happened, the young lady said, “I don’t know what you did, but I’ve never felt the presence of God like I did today.” And that is what I’m after. And I hope that that’s what you’re after. I only want to do what I hear the Holy Spirit tell me to do. I don’t want to have my own agendas, because that’s not important, family. What’s important is that we do what God wants to do at the time that He wants to do it, because it’s then that the Kingdom of God moves in a powerful way. 

So I just want to release over you the courage to be different. The courage that when the Lord whispers in your ear, “Don’t do that,” or “Let’s do it this way today,” then you’d have the courage to be able to do that, because I promise you, when you do that, the Kingdom of God shows up in a powerful way.